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Are you sure they are bean plants? Depending on the variety beans will grow pretty high, but I doubt they would make it all the way to the top of that twine. Hop vines might though.

Vertical Gardening Taken To New Heights: Brownstone Container Beans
5/4/12 12:22 PM

I like it. What is it?


Peter & Blair's "Bohemian Preppy" Seattle Abode
House Tour

9/9/11 05:13 PM

Sweet place! I love your boldly patterned sofa and the shower curtain with birds and flowers. Congrats on those bedroom curtains, isn't it fun to be able to make something just the way you want it?

Hadley's Pretty Multi-Patterned Home
Green Tour

6/22/11 07:42 PM

Oh...and I love all of the round things in the bedroom. Dot art, dresser knobs, bed frame spheres, curtain grommets. Geometric echoes of wholeness and calm.

Miguez & KD's Pleasant in Pasadena
4/14/11 12:25 PM

This is delightfully calming! I can imagine that it is a great retreat from the color, chaos, and heat of LA.

I do think that your living room could benefit from a pair of small scale but comfy chairs...right now it looks as though the only conversations that take place in that room are between you and the TV ;-)

Miguez & KD's Pleasant in Pasadena
4/14/11 12:21 PM

I often feel that modern decor mutes the owners personality a bit, but not with your place! I feel like your apartment speaks highly of you. If I had to guess I would say that you are open, thoughtful, tolerant, organized, and playful :-)

Tamar's Sunny Studio
4/14/11 12:13 PM

There is a cool (and short) talk on TED about this.

Can I Use House Plants To Improve Indoor Air Quality?
Good Question

10/18/10 01:48 PM

Kelly, You have done a beautiful job on a small budget. In fact I think your place illustrates how both a space and a budget can be small without being tight. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly's Music Filled Casita House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/15/10 11:27 AM

Everyone has a responsibility to "do good" with their work, maybe not in each and every detail, but at least on balance. That said, social good might not always be what is addressed. The creation of beauty (even for rich people who pay through the nose for it) should also count for something.

Architecture for Good: Inspiration from Samuel Mockbee | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/14/10 02:12 PM

I love those fan cut marble tiles, although they remind me of fish scales or rising suns rather than flower petals.

Gatsby Inspired Bathroom in Black and White Dream Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/12/10 11:21 AM

It sounds like you have a lot of patience! I brought home a bunch of paint samples just yesterday. I've had one inconclusive color consultation with my husband, and I'm already itching to buy something and just get it done. Being careful and deliberate about making a choice stresses me out (I guess that is why some people refer to it as "agonizing over a decision"). Usually the best thing for me to do is to forget about the whole project for a good long while, and then make a quick gut decision. I think my brain sort of works it out in the background while I'm waiting.

Working With Samples: Paint, Wallpaper, Flooring More | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/25/10 03:11 PM

patrick (the other one) - I find it interesting that houseboats aren't on your list of dwellings appropriately painted a color with a name. They are so often bright and whimsical, like gypsy caravans on the water.

What Color Should I Paint My House Barge? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/25/10 01:29 PM

Thanks Keith!

I will show my husband. He generally loves the 80's much more than I do, so he might actually dig this, who knows?

It wouldn't cure the multiple personality problem, but it would make the houseboat more fun to come home to :-)

What Color Should I Paint My House Barge? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/24/10 03:09 PM

KimberlyM - Here in Seattle there are city laws against short term rentals of houseboats (too much partying) and most of the marinas have rules against longer term rentals too. Maybe it is the same in California? Anyway save your pennies and keep your eyes peeled...a very small houseboat on our dock recently sold for 40k. If the romance of living in one is enough to keep you satisfied you can save a lot of money just from the size of the place inhibiting your buying. (this doesn't work for everyone storage is just too easy to find)

What Color Should I Paint My House Barge? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/24/10 02:27 PM

patrick (the other one) - I'm thinking of painting the taupe parts and the white trim. I don't find the gray on the roofs to be very objectionable.

I'm looking at RL's Vintage Masters and liking violet driving that the sort of darkness that you have in mind?

What Color Should I Paint My House Barge? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/24/10 01:22 PM

doro - Thank you for going to the trouble of looking up specific colors. I like wildflowers quite a bit, but I'm afraid such a light (and yet not white) color might make the barge look bloated. As with fashion dark colors are slimming right?

What Color Should I Paint My House Barge? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/24/10 12:51 PM

bepsf - That is exactly what my husband suggested, although he is mostly joking. I like the lightheartedness of pink, but I'm not sure it would be a good choice for the neighborhood. The couple who live in the pea-soup green boat behind ours painted it that color to remedy the "dreadful pink" chosen by the previous owner (a woman of ill repute).

What Color Should I Paint My House Barge? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/24/10 12:49 PM

Thank you all for your suggestions, you are giving me a lot to think about!

kdegenhart- Those pictures of modernist camouflage are awesome! I don't think I am that bold, but looking at those photos was a great little history lesson. If I REALLY wanted to disguise the somewhat awkward shape of our barge, I now know just how to do it.

To all of you who would like to see more pictures...have patience, I think the place will be ready for a house tour in a couple more years ;-)

What Color Should I Paint My House Barge? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/24/10 11:07 AM

RosieGreenie - I sympathize with your concern about the impact of constant aesthetic remodels. It does look like this whole job was done with a big eye on the market and making some cash. However they did insulate the whole house, which is a huge job and will probably result in that house sticking around for much longer. Also, although the kitchen is a bit trendy, at least the kept the double sided built in cabinet. It looks great in the new modern kitchen/dining room, and was the best piece of workmanship in the old one.

Look! Disappearing Bed Frame | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/24/10 10:41 AM

This looks like a great idea. I heat my small space with two plug-in oil filled radiators. The quality of the heat is wonderful, but they are not nearly as pretty as the old cast iron ones. It is too bad that this is so expensive though (475$ compared to under 100$ for the oil filled modern radiators). They need to outsource the refurbishing to China...I wonder if we would still be reducing carbon emissions by buying these if they took a trip to China and back?

Refurbished Radiators: EcoRad’s Converted Cast Iron | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/23/10 03:20 PM