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Allow me to play devil's advocate.

For the price you will have to pay to reseal your granite countertops annually, you could have purchased a "custom" recycled glass countertop made with "epoxy resin". Because glass has no porosity, a sealer is not required! And the epoxy resin has no VOCs and negligible emissions. Plus, clean up is a breeze-just use a neutral ph cleaner.

Furthermore, I agree granite is beautiful. But with recycled glass countertops, you have hundreds of color options. From using a custom colored resin to mixing in mother of pearl or recycled porcelain. The possibilities are endless....you end up investing in a "custom" piece of art! Not something that everyone else has.

And besides it looking beautiful, the most important thing... IT IS GREEN. You have used a recycled product instead of granite that is mined from the earth, while at the same time conserving landfill space.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Recycled Glass Counters
6/24/08 07:50 AM