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If I was the landlord I wouldn't be keen on replacing the carpet, it's only 4 years old.

Perhaps you can cut a deal with your landlord on professional cleaning, which should do wonders and good for your landlord too. It will extend the life of the carpet they invested in. Along with a no shoes, must wear socks policy (Bee for Brian is right about oils from bare feet) it will go a long way in keeping them looking lovely and keep you happy. My grandmother had area rugs over carpet in high traffic areas like the main hallways. They were always rippling up and easily tripped on (over saxony plush). In the living-room with furniture placed on the edges holding it in place perhaps a nice patterned rug wouldn't be bad but I've never layered carpet over carpet myself.

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8/29/12 12:26 PM

I agree with the others, first thing that hits you is all the clutter. But you have some really nice furniture (some pieces need some love, but great shapes!)

I'd keep- couch, orange loveseat/chair (couldn't quite tell). and the table the tv is on for the living room. The bamboo bookshelf as well for display of a few higher impact items.

That said, all the little tubs/shelves etc should be replaced with some better storage. Think wall unit for the TV, Ikea would be a good starting point for that. Something that will tuck away anything you don't want laying around that adds to the messy look. So it all can be tucked away behind closed doors.

Keep the TV on the same wall (put wall unit there). Move long sofa to face TV, but don't mash it against the wall. I think I see a sofa table behind orange piece. Move this behind white sofa, and flank with table lamps. Move orange loveseat/chair sort of where white sofa is now, only again don't mash it up against the wall. Use the table TV is currently on as coffee table. You could put the bamboo shelf in the corner between the sofa/chair. You can keep one desk where it is along the wall away from the door so it can open properly (is that two desks?) again, investing in some smart storage would make the room look way cleaner, and more streamlined. Like a fun Cabinet to put in the corner under the desk to hold supplies and paper. I'd hang a nice large pin/board above the desk, and get a little fun with it. pops of colour perhaps.

Dining room again, too much furniture mashed against the walls. I'd omit one of the tables if possible. and move the other more to the center of the room.

I really love that orange loveseat/chair!

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7/25/12 02:34 PM

My mother would get upset and change a room if a paint colour, or wallpaper she chose became "trendy".

I don't want trends to control me one way or another. I choose things I love and leave it at that. :)

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7/19/12 11:30 AM