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I buy the 80/20% meat and I start out with a pretty hot pan but I almost always get a puddle of watery liquid in the pan when browning - about 1/4 cups of it. I usually drain it and continue cooking until it's no longer pink. The finished product isn't brown - it turns gray. I drain cause that's what my mother always did. Also, I thought if I cooked ground beef too long, it would get hard and chewy so I don't keep cooking once the pink is gone,

My question - is it better to drain it or raise the heat and keep cooking until this liquid cooks out?

How to Cook & Brown Ground Beef Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
11/7/12 04:02 PM

I had a humidifier a few years ago but got rid of it because of the frequent maintenance/cleaning required in the manual. I had to open it up and scrub the metal heating element with vinegar practically after every use. The compartment was really hard to fit my hand into and I never felt like I was doing a good job cleaning it. The element looked like it had scale on it after cleaning, which made me nervous that I was just blowing mold and disease into the air, along with the mist.

Have companies changed the way humidifiers work? Is there a manufacturer that doesn't require so much hands on upkeep?

Cold Weather Must-Have: 30 Humidifiers
11/4/12 09:10 PM

I've lived in Brooklyn, NY my whole life. No one I know has ever moved in an apartment that had a dishwasher.

I doubt that my 98 year old buildings pipes could handle it. This place doesn't allow washing machines either, and still uses fuse boxess instead of circuit breakers. A dishwasher would be a dream come true.

Hate Washing Dishes? Try the "One Soapy Sponge" Trick
10/19/12 06:17 PM

As a kid reading Pippi Longstocking stories, the mention of fruit soup always intrigued me.

Fictitious Dishes: What 5 Famous Meals from Literature Look Like
7/17/12 01:34 PM

Count me for cumin.... I love the smell.

I noticed two things with the last two jars that I bought: a slightly gritty texture in various dishes (like aloo gobi) and clumping when using the shaker top that comes on the jar. I have no problem with the taste of the finished product. The brand is "Mimi's", found in many discount stores in NY. I don't remember this happening with previous brands. Anyone else encounter these issues, or am I dealing with an inferior product?

What Is the One Spice You Just Can't Live Without?
5/3/12 06:59 PM

Having such a small fridge would be a nightmare. I live in the US (Brooklyn, NY); shopping for groceries so frequently would be a major pain in the tuchus.

Small fridge = more work for me.

House Swap: Small Things That Make a Big Difference
9/16/11 04:48 PM

That should be "it WOULDN'T be a dust trap".

Creative Ways To Fill Space Above Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

2/25/11 10:20 PM

How about some antique looking ironwork, with scrolls or a pattern. You could hang it from the ceiling so it meets the top of the cabinets.

You could paint it or let it get a patina, like tarnished brass. It would be a dust trap like vases, glasses, etc.

Creative Ways To Fill Space Above Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

2/25/11 10:20 PM

I tried the keyboard shortcuts - they didn't work for me. I'm using a PC w/Windows XP.

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Netflix Subscription
2/19/11 09:44 AM

I adore deli ham and muenster cheese on pumpernickel bread, with crisp iceberg lettuce, thin sliced tomates and a good smear of mayo. Sometimes I change it up and put a tiny bit of Dijon mustard too.

My other favorite is the "Blimpie Best" sandwich from the Blimpie chain restaurant. It has ham, salami, cappacola, prosciuttini, provolone with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, vinegar, oil and oregano. I have them add sweet peppers to mine - nothing better.

Food Memories: What's Your Favorite Sandwich, Ever?
2/12/11 01:38 PM

Water chestnuts in anything - I have to pick it out. The texture.... it's too weird
Barley soup
Zuccini/squash - its always seems mushy
Hot oatmeal
Relish (can only tolerate it in potato salad)
Mashed turnips (my mother loved them, but YUCK)
Tomato soup - it gags me going down

What Foods Have You Tried To Like, But Just Can't?! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/17/10 09:43 PM

There's a product called Damp Rid that may help. It absorbs excess moisture in places like basements, attics, bathrooms. It's sold in supermarkets, home supply and hardware stores.

Dealing With Excessive Moisture in a Small Space? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
12/8/09 10:13 AM

I want to like oatmeal but the look and texture just turn me off.

I grew up on Cream of Wheat and grits. I can only eat grits the way my mother always served it when I was a child: with butter, salt and pepper and a side of sausage.

Porridge for Breakfast: 5 Hot Cereals To Fill You Up | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/10/09 10:09 AM

I love this room. It's serene and so comfy looking. I envy the cat.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Aisha's Calm, Cool, Collected Bedroom Room for Color - West #33
10/17/09 01:27 PM

I've woken up many a night and spent fearful minutes trying to determine if the footsteps I hear are in my apartment or the people upstairs. Luckily, it's always been the latter.

The curse of an old building and neighbors w/uncarpeted floors.

I sometimes think there is a secret doorway under my kitchen sink and that one day I'll catch my next door neighbor crawling out of it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Things That Go Bump In The Night: Home Security
8/20/09 09:47 AM

I live in a 350" SF studio, so storage is at a premium. I have more tools than I should, but like to try to do my own repairs and they've accumulated.

I keep my tools in two stackable Ikea Vessla containers, which they market in their children's section. They fit perfectly under the tall Parsons table that holds my TV. I have a skirt on the table, so the containers are hidden.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Where Do You Keep Your Tools?
5/21/09 08:02 PM

I love the art above your bed. Can you please give info on those - I want them!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Antoine-Leslie's Creative Neutral Teeny-tiny Division #08
4/10/09 07:07 PM

Wow, marfa - I have one of these clothes dryer things in my bathroom. It's inside a little closet attached to the wall and has a little rope so you can raise and lower it. I never use it cause the wood is all discolored and dirty.

It's funny to see how people took care of laundry in 1913, which is when my building was built (Brooklyn, NY).

Apartment Therapy Boston | Where Do You Hang Wet Laundry?
12/17/08 06:24 PM

I purchased a 5" shower curtain tension rod from Home Depot. It's in the bathroom over the bathtub. It's great for hanging laundry not appropriate for the dryer, and anything I hand wash.

I have one of those wood dowel dryer racks, but mine is tends to spontaneously fall over, so I hardly use it.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Where Do You Hang Wet Laundry?
12/17/08 06:07 PM

I use a vinyl/oilcloth apron when I wash dishes or I end up with my shirt wet in the gut area. I don't use it for cooking - afraid it may melt if I get too close to the stove/oven.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Survey: Do You Wear an Apron while Cooking?
12/9/08 11:18 AM