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Seriously, who would I need to get in touch with to buy this house and move it?

Historic Paul Thiry Home For Sale For $1The Seattle Times | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/11/10 06:52 PM

Gives access to a large list of reuse centers

U-Haul Re-Use Centers | Apartment Therapy New York
2/10/10 09:11 AM

Just got the new Droid phone and wonder if anyone is using an app for it ~color me "cyber challenged"

How To: Catalog Books with Your iPhone | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/17/09 12:32 PM

What color paint are those?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Call: Marie's Memphis Apartment
1/21/09 02:11 PM

And don't forget the banisters! What looks like cream may actually be white paint!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 5 Tasks To Make Your Home Feel Better
1/10/09 04:51 PM

"no bees ~ no honey
no work ~ no money"
hung next to the keys to the cars in the garage.

My cousin and I once whiled away a cross country trip repeating slogans our grandmother had taught us ~ it took us 4 hours to run out ~ and 2 MORE hours the next day after we had slept and remembered more....

Apartment Therapy Boston | Do You Remember Slogans on Display at Your Grandparents House?
1/9/09 03:17 PM

WHERE can I get those cabinet fronts???!!! They are exactly what I want!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Using All Of Your Kitchen Space
11/6/08 01:23 PM

Life is more beautiful in my home when my family is all in it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Nate Williams Pillows Los Angeles
10/2/08 12:44 PM

We have one and had to special order the litter box to fit it. Also, the cat can easily "scoop" the litter outside the "door". Not worth it!

Apartment Therapy New York | Kitty Washroom
9/15/08 05:19 PM

Something we always do is turn the dirty clothes inside out. That way if there is any question....

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Packing Tip: The Pillowcase Technique
8/6/08 05:29 PM

Where can I get the chairs in the original shot?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | NEW: DwellStudio at the Shade Store
7/30/08 10:00 AM

Where did they get the green board BEHIND the table though!! EXACTLY what I was looking for!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Create A Space Saver Table
7/30/08 09:58 AM