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Love the ideas for loft and murphy bed. You will be able to get so much stuff in that closet with a closet organizer on the wall!

Is a round table a must ? What if .... the wall where the bed currently is becomes a large storage armoire or built in for kitchen over flow and maybe media ? .... the bed goes along the upper wall near the bathroom. Long side of bed against the wall. The couch floats facing the windows / artwork. Behind the couch is a rectangle or square table / desk. This way the kitchen, extra kitchen storage and table are all in a convenient loop.

Better Way to Layout Newly-Purchased Chelsea Studio? Good Questions
12/20/13 11:41 AM

I am thinking of a vintage bar vs an island or work table. Open storage on one side only. If it would fit.... near the entrance to the kitchen, placed parallel to that wall and the big windows. Hopefully there will be enough room to scoot behind it when you need something but the contents would only be visible from the kitchen. You might be able to use a folding utility table that is skirted. You could shove a bunch of plastic bins under it ????

Can I Split Living Room to Kitchen Prep & Storage Space? Good Questions
4/19/13 07:52 PM

Love it! Wish I had one years ago!

Use This Cheat Sheet to Identify Almost Any Nut, Screw, Bolt, or Washer Bolt Depot
4/13/13 04:41 PM

Hopefully you can paint or stain the exterior so it isn't so " busy". Then paint the front door and stair risers a great color.

Can I Paint Over Exterior Stone Veneer? Good Questions
4/13/13 04:36 PM

If you can't take the stone off, is it possible to put something on top of the stone ? Siding ?

Can I Paint Over Exterior Stone Veneer? Good Questions
4/13/13 04:33 PM

The curtains look 1980's Country to me. I would definitely change them. I'm not sure about going floor length because of the heaters under the windows. Also, the fireplace seems narrow to me. Is that just the picture ? This room could handle some big prints. Blue and white ikat or something like that would be great.
~ C

Help with Decor For Wood-Paneled Living Room? Good Questions
4/11/13 10:26 AM

You could pull the sofas out from the wall a bit. Put a console table behind them. This would give you space for small lamps, art work and accessories to add color.

Tips to Brighten My Living Room? Good Questions
4/9/13 12:33 AM

Love the wood floor and windows ! I would encourage you to really go with the mood of the architecture. Don't fight it - it is gorgeous. Your sofas are a simple design and I think they look great.

I had a similar " un sunny" place. I painted the walls a pale butter yellow and they just glowed. Restoration Hardware has some beautiful yellows. I love white sheer curtains as they can be all glowy too. I would look for fabric with yellow, grey and ivory. Use this for curtains or pillows.

I would consider moving the bookshelf, if there is room. I think that corner needs a light fixture.
~ Christie

Tips to Brighten My Living Room? Good Questions
4/9/13 12:30 AM

I reccomend that you look for a local furniture consignment store. They will often pick up and deliver. They will know the prices for your area. They will take a percentage when it sells. I think they get higher prices then Craigslist.

What is this Drexel Desk Worth? Good Questions
4/5/13 08:01 PM

I think it is going to work. I would wonder about how quickly the bags will dry out in summer. Love the kiddy pool idea. You could try an inch or two of pea gravel in the bottom of the pool so the roots don't rot.

The Ultimate DIY Container Garden
4/5/13 07:58 PM

I have used " Howard Feed - n -Wax" on similar pieces that feel dry. This product is a Wood polish and conditioner. The label says, " A penetrating feeder and polish for all furniture finishes and natural woods." It is made with Beeswax, Caranuba and Orange Oil and some petro stuff. This will darken up the wood a bit. Don't worry about sanding it. It will look great.

Finishes for Vintage Credenza? Good Questions
4/5/13 07:53 PM

I think it is creepy that Google tracks where you are. Hello, Big Brother.

Battle of the Assistants: Google Now vs Siri
3/20/13 09:44 PM

These apartments all have such lovely architecture! Hardwood floors, french doors, bay windows ! These things are a Huge Advantage to having a great looking room.

Renting Done Right: 10 Inspiring SF Rentals From Our Tours
3/18/13 05:43 PM

I would make the wall next to the bedroom a focal point for the seating area. How about a covered console table with shelving and art work above ? Take advantage of those tall ceilings. Plus, use a pretty window treatment on the window to take advantage of height. I would put an upholstered couch across from the console / focal point.
I agree that you need a little landing space when you come in - even if it is just hooks on the wall and a basket on the floor.

How To Fit Sitting Area into Tiny Apartment? Good Questions
3/12/13 11:46 PM

Wow ! I LOVE the message. Having just enough stuff to fill the space you actually live in. I guess you can't drag things home from the thrift store for "someday".
I'd like to see more of her apartment. It is gorgeous.

One Minute Tip: Live Within Your Means Apartment Therapy Videos
2/12/13 01:58 PM

Please give us a post on the difference between apricot and coral ?
Photos are beautiful. You can send it all over to my house.

Tangerine & Gold: Living Room Lust
2/4/13 06:14 PM

I would put casters on the arm chair so that it was easy to move. It can face the TV when you are watching TV and then easily turn to face the couch for conversation. I love the color of the little rug. Maybe put it on the chair ?
If the stays where it is .... I would get a small console or buffet ( i.e. fairly long and low closed storage) for under the TV.
I think a glass and brass coffee table would be pretty.

How Do I Spruce Up Living Room & Make It Look Larger? Good Questions
2/4/13 02:11 PM

Let's talk about the dog size of the equation .... keep the dogs nails filed monthly and, go with a smaller dog.

Bamboo, Cork, or Wood Flooring for (Future) Dog Owners? Good Questions
2/4/13 02:00 PM

P.S. If you don't like the idea of covering the whole wall... I would try to visually get things in proportion. White wood cornice adds 8" to the height. Side panels can cover 6" on each side. Also, any kind of bamboo / reed texture would look great in there. I would also think about some kind of centerpiece for the table to be a focal point.

How to Treat 6'x3' Kitchen Window? Good Questions
1/30/13 11:06 AM

hi: First, I want to compliment you on your light fixture and dining set. They are beautiful. The brass and wood are the stars of the show. I would keep everything on that wall white ( or your favorite neutral). I would build a simple white wood cornice box. The box should be a bit wider then the window with white dummy panels on each side. You could even make the whole wall part of the window treatment.

How to Treat 6'x3' Kitchen Window? Good Questions
1/30/13 10:59 AM