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I furnished my apartment with a similar set of guidelines so I love to see gorgeous homes like yours that show it can be done without breaking the bank.

I am also a big proponent of waiting for sales, I do a lot of online shopping and inevitably it WILL go on sale or you can find a promo code, so have patience and you can almost always get what you love at a fraction of the original price.

Also, when I see something, an accessory, a lamp, whatever it may be, I really love that I really don't need or is a little pricier then I am comfortable with "impulse purchasing", I put it on a Pinterest board with the date. I check the board periodically, and if I still love it and its not on sale, sometimes I will just go for it. Sometimes, by the time I get back to it, I am over it and I consider myself lucky for having waited.

Real Life on a Budget: Lauren's Money Saving Tips & Ideas for Home Decor
5/21/14 03:59 PM

I love seeing smart apartments from my amazing Jersey City neighborhood featured on AT! Great job guys it looks amazing!

Kim & Rich's Contemporary Mix Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 12:50 PM

I dealt with this problem recently in my rental bathroom which has that same drab olivey tile that I can't change. At first I tried to fight the ugly colors but that wasnt working so I decided to just embrace it and it looks a lot better. I went looking for a shower curtain that also had that same olivey color in it and then used other colors in the curtain curtain to make the color choice seem intentional rather then something I'm fighting against.

Colors Ideas to Work with 1960s Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
5/9/14 09:42 AM

I love Slice! It makes tracking your online purchases really easy and convenient. Plus its really nice for an apartment dweller like me, I can leave notes for the UPS or FedEx delivery person and ask them to leave packages with a different unit before I miss the package!

5 Tips for Smarter Online Gift Shopping
11/27/13 04:06 PM

I agree with Gillianne - I love the unusual colors used in the room and the mix of color and texture! Many nursery I see on this website are very beautiful but the colors and objects are all very similar and eventually just blur together for me. I found this one eye-catching and memorable - I love it!

A Fresh, Colorful Nursery Inspired by a Vintage Globe Professional Project
11/22/13 05:01 PM

This is sort of related - but I am an avid online shopper so I constantly have random packages coming my way. I was having trouble keeping track of when my packages would be arriving so I did a little research and downloaded an app called Slice.

Slice keeps track of what you ordered, when your order is shipped, when it is out for delivery and notifies you on your phone if your package has been delivered. The app integrates with your email, pulling info from your "Order Confirmation" emails or "Order Shipped" notices so you don't have to input anything - all the information is organized for you.

I believe the app was free and has made keeping track of my online purchases so simple! It also has a neat feature which tells you what you are spending your money on when you shop online. I would recommend it to anyone who shops online.

You've Got Mail: How To Be Automatically Notified When a Package Has Arrived
9/18/13 09:44 AM

I meant to also ask, did you paint metal brackets or find them somewhere already orange? I was looking to reinforce IKEA LACK shelves with brackets because their current support system makes me nervous over the this last weekend but I couldnt really find anything affordable that I like - it never dawned on me to paint metal brackets.

Sandra & Justin's Kitchen:
Finishing Touches Renovation Diary

8/20/13 01:58 PM

Where did you get the orange brackets from?

Sandra & Justin's Kitchen:
Finishing Touches Renovation Diary

8/20/13 01:55 PM

I have a grand total of 3 usable cabinets and 4 open shelves in my kitchen for storage and that is ALL.
After searching high and low all over the internet and seeing tons of expensive options to provide additional space - we found that purchasing this IKEA unit: and laying it horizontally and then outfitting the cubbies with 3 sets of these boxes: gave us a lot of extra room for dishtowels, smaller appliances (spice grinder, salad spinner, surprisingly even a large food processor), zip lock bags, spice bottles.
I can also store my slow cooker in one of the cubbies which is fantastic because they are pretty deep and sizable.
It proven to be a really practical solution for under 100 dollars total!
I also use the long horizontal surface for extra counterspace when chopping and cooking. It has really helped me get a little extra storage space in my small rental kitchen.

Storage Solutions for Apartment Kitchens Renters' Solutions
3/31/13 05:43 PM

I also like the use of Ikea :)
But I was wondering where those lights came from - I can't tell if they are hardwired and if they are not, does anyone know where they came from?

Rob's Eclectic & Vibrant Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/20/13 04:23 PM

@lynell, I was just scouting around my local Marshalls/Homegoods today and I saw a ton of them on sale, a set of 4 for $9.99 and they felt like they were pretty sturdy when I held them in my hand.

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11/8/12 05:12 PM

I know I'm a few years too late, but I just found a Crate and Barrel pharmacy lamp knock off at Target for $40... just placed an order :)

Industrial Inspired Floor Lamps

7/18/12 05:11 PM