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$21k/year BEFORE taxes in your LATE 20's?? Really? Is that typical for the Midwest?? I can't imagine a salary so low for a company job.

What Does It Really Cost to Live in

8/28/13 03:56 PM

I'd be careful regarding Mission Hill and Chinatown as good places to live while getting to the "established chic". I've lived in Mission Hill in a nice apartment on a nice street and still heard gun shots from my porch. I understand your points, but yeah.

Also, Arlington and Newton aren't in Boston city districts. They would have to be included in "A Renter's Life in Arlighton and Newton".

A Renter's Life in Boston: The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy Renters Guide
3/12/13 04:18 PM

The close proximity to the neighbors is the general issue. Bees will sting, hives can be noisy, and they will cluster at each available garden with flowers (which could cause neighbors to be upset). My city doesn't allow chicken coops and basically all farm animals due to these reasons, including odor.

Beginner Beekeeping: The Urban Beehive by Rowan Dunford
1/31/13 12:44 PM

I need it to be absolutely dark in order to fall asleep. I don't know what it is, but even if the alarm clock's LED lights are too bright I need to turn it away from my eyes or cover it up. Being warm is a close second necessity. Whether I'm in bed or in a tent, I have to be warm. Down comforters are the best!

Tell Us: What Helps You Fall Asleep?
1/31/13 12:40 PM

It's not actually the rusty nail that will get you, it's the dirt and bacteria that will enter the bloodstream that'll do it!
I was playing frisbee in my backyard last Memorial Day, hopped the fence to retrieve the frisbee and realized I got a pretty nasty scrape. Didn't think much of it until the next day when I saw the infamous red line climbing up my arm. Be careful with this - it's not a very dark line; rather tough to see actually. I had a pretty good workup of meds to get rid of the blood poisoning.

For a Healthy New Year: Tetanus Shot Check
1/4/13 04:07 PM

That was a fantastic story. Thank you for sharing and thanks for paying it forward, as you did! Good people are out there.

Do You Believe in Craigslist Karma?
12/18/12 12:09 PM

As a gamer, I'm pleasantly surprised to see this post here. Thank you for including a wide variety of available games that may appeal to every level of gamer -- from recreational to hardcore gamer-types.
I'd add just one item -- for the more energy-conscious gamers out there, because we can run a battery into the ground pretty quickly, a charging station is a great gift and saves space/reduces clutter at the same time:

2-controller option

4 controller option

The Ultimate Xbox 360 Gamer's Den
Gift Guide 2012 Apartment Therapy Tech Gift Guide

12/18/12 11:55 AM

Those are all great ideas. Perhaps an additional one - have each member in the family make a list... a long list. One with so many wants/needs that it's ridiculous to fulfill them all. Then, go shopping and pick and choose items from each list. This way, you know what you're shopping for and since you can't get every item on the list it still is a surprise to the gift recepient. You also avoid gifting "the errand" (recepient doesn't like it so you basically gave them an errand to do.. [returning their own gift]).

Curbing the Impulse: How to Resist Buying for Yourself at Christmas
12/12/12 01:41 PM

Like nearly everybody else before has stated -- because you can't drill a hole into the back of the shelving, you should move all your electronics to the top shelf. You don't seem to be using the top shelf for anything else, so why not? Then you can use simple zip ties for a cheap but clean way of organizing the wires. Moving everything to the top of the shelving will also allow you to use the rest of the shelf to decorate or re-organize other items in the room.

Ideas for Cable-Hiding Conundrum? Good Questions
11/28/12 09:56 AM

Yeah, are these prices per chair or a package of 4? Pretty outrageous to buy one piece for $500. You can invest that same amount of money into some power tools and lumber and create your own.

Small Space Solution: 5 Stylish Stacking Chairs
11/28/12 09:46 AM

I'd most definitely buy this. I only bib it up when the food and attire calls for it. Eating lobster/crab or my favorite Vietnamese soup, Bon Bo Hue (excuse the spelling), and I'm definitely wearing a bib. My girlfriend may laugh but sometimes, it's a necessity.

Buttonhole Napkins: Have You Ever Heard Of Such A Thing?
The Purl Bee

11/16/12 12:11 PM

My parents are well-to-do and love to give gifts. My 12 year old sister receives an egregious amount of presents around the holidays. She gets more than just a basket of chocolate for Easter. Though she is a baby (14 year age gap between us) and she seems grateful, I don't think it's healthy.

My future children will receive about a dozen gifts total (a few from the parents, several from Santa) and will need to gift at least half the number of gifts they receive to a less fortunate family (he/she gets 12, we buy 6-12 more for a stranger). I want them to know that substance and love are more important than some flashy 'thing'. I may or may not be the first to give my parents grandkids, but I'll definitely need to lay down some ground rules for gift-giving when the time comes.

Do Our Children Expect Too Much
for Christmas? the frugal girl

11/5/12 03:22 PM

I'd live here in a second. Unfortunately, my young life is in my current city and can't imagine parting from it... not at this moment, anyway. The whole speaking Mandarin/Cantonese is a turn-off, too. But I digress, this is a fantastic idea and I truly hope it succeeds in a way that can be re-created. I can't think of any major trade-offs, other than needing to commute rather far to have access to a car/plane to travel or to visit other outdoor areas.

A Self-Sustaining, Environmentally Sensitive, Car-Free Satellite City:
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10/26/12 02:49 PM

I absolutely feel the need to organize my space. Whenever I travel, the first thing I do upon reaching my hotel and returning home is organize my packed items - clean clothes to their drawers, laundry to the hamper. Organization is one of my keys to a relaxed space.
But when it comes to decorating, a slow process is the way I go. My grandparents told my mother, who told me, "don't spend your money on frivolous items. Save your money and buy quality; quality over quantity. That way, it lasts a lifetime." My grandparents' bedroom furniture, after around 65+ years, is still awesome quality and I'm still trying to convince my Mom to let me take the pieces when I have my own place.

Embracing Patience: Slow Decorating
10/26/12 02:34 PM

I need matching silverware (no plasticware allowed!), cups and bowls. Having extra linens!, lightbulbs, toilet paper, trash bags, dish detergent, laundry detergent... is huge.
And I fully agree with the other commenters about the toolset. Although I don't live alone (yet), I'm the only person in a house full of 5 roommates with a toolset. It baffles me that 4 guys in their 20's don't own ANY tools... not even a hammer or screwdriver... while I even have a chainsaw at the house!

What Do You Need to Live Like a Grown-Up?
10/11/12 03:54 PM

I've fought sleep since I was young. I would beg my Mom to let me stay up until she wouldn't take my whining or I was nodding off in front of whatever I was doing. I never wanted to "miss out" on something. I was (and still kind of am) an energetic child. I eventually found that meditation helped me fall asleep, almost immediately. Another helpful action is writing down ideas or to-do's on a piece of paper, so you don't have to worry about remembering them in the morning.

Steal These Habits For A Good Night's Sleep
10/9/12 04:49 PM

I am anything but a morning person; most of my morning routines consist of hitting the snooze button 2-3x, showering, and getting out the door. My commute is stressful at times (New England weather makes for worse New England drivers) and always long, and Bob Oaks on NPR can't always ease the pain. In short - challenge accepted and thanks for the kick in the pants!

A Morning Ritual Challenge
10/3/12 03:39 PM

Nay as a main lighting fixture in a room.. such as above a dining table. Yay for smaller spaces or as accent pieces. This is a typically uncommon feature which makes it more unique.. and making it look industrial can be awesome, in my opinion.

Exposed Bulb Lamps: Yay or Nay?
10/2/12 03:53 PM

I think this is a fantastic idea. I'd love to enroll a child in this type of learing environment. I thrived in the traditional setting of American public schools.. separated classrooms, basic coursework with AP classes, yada yada.. but felt underwhelmed every year leading to university. This would have been thrilling to me, to interact with swaths of people outside my age group on a daily basis. I would need to be guided away from history lessons at that time, but I digress, a specific kind of educator/teacher would need a motivated student for this type of schooling to work.

Shame on all of you for bashing Montessori schools, and the commenters immediately writing this idea off. Children are not all alike and neither should be their education. Adopting alternative forms of learning should be practiced to better educate our evolving future.

A Look at a Classroom-Less School In Sweden
10/2/12 03:49 PM

I choose the city because I'm young, often-bored, and interested in multiple things. The higher rent and cost of living is worth having Indian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Vegetarian and American foods available to me (all authentic) on the same block. Being able to ride my bike across town to pick up *whatever* it is I may need, or wanting a relaxing day to sit in the park to read and people watch. It's incredibly convenient for me and worth every penny. To echo previous posters - it's worth it just having the options. I'm going to a local university soon to learn some astronomy for free on Wednesday nights, too! Coming from the 'burbs, I love living in the city and will choose to do so for at least the next decade or so.

Urban Guilt:
Are You Making The Most Of Your City?

9/27/12 04:52 PM