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I'm all for kitchy, thrift store retro stuff--used in theory--but I've seen a lot of that kind of furniture and knick knacks, and they're not the kinds of things that would make me smile on a cold gray Chicago day. It's all clean lines and solid forms, yet it also comes across as cold, sterile and uninspired; worse, cheaply constructed. Personally, all the items on this page are horribly pricey. A sofa for $4000? A small desk clock for $300? Unless you work hard to accent the right pieces together: be careful and buy things you know you'll want in ten years and not after the latest Wallpaper magazine says they're out of vogue.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Vintage on Sale: Modern Times
9/10/08 11:42 PM

Chicago's New Eastside, east of Michigan avenue to the Lake near Millennium Park. This area had one hotel and a bunch of office buildings when they built a huge firestation in the area. 25 years later, there are at least 15 residential highrises and five major hotels within an 8 square block block area, yet the fire trucks still blare their sirens at all hours, day and night, with no concern that this is now a residential neighborhood. They're out every 20 minutes blaring their installed double-volume, post 9/11 sirens. And then there's the pack mentality the other downtown fire stations seem to have--when one or two trucks show up, several trucks from other stations show up. Smoke alarm=3 or 4 fire trucks. Garbage chute fire=10 fire trucks, an ambulance, a couple police cars and a "command center" truck.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Neighborhood Noise
6/21/08 08:42 PM