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Is this original old parquet or the 70s and 80s version that has no character whatsoever?

Budget Solution for Parquet-Style Flooring? Good Questions
6/25/12 09:03 AM

It is lovely but I agree with the few posters who feel that this sort of unnecessary remodeling is somehow offensive. Even more so when I suspect that half of the people doing these will give you a dirty look if you make the wrong choice on "paper or plastic" yet they have no qualms putting an entire serviceable kitchen in a dumpster. I'm not saying these folks didn't recycle or that they are greeniacs, just making the point that hypocrisy reigns.

Before & After: Upgrading a Builder's Grade Kitchen Little House Big Plans
5/24/12 04:15 PM

Oat Straw by Behr

Wall Color For Outdated End Rental? Good Questions
5/10/12 05:55 PM