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best part about living in a studio: hands down, LOCATION. I can walk to work, stumble home from bars, and feel totally safe (even if WDC has its share of violent crime). I also like the design challenge: keeping clutter at bay, having a well thought out design aesthetic. Sadly, I am definitely not saving much money, but it is at least "affordable." A little bit about my studio: 550 sq ft, separate entry, kitchen, bathroom (obvi) and two walk in closets (such a luxury!). My challenges probably have more to do with living in a rental than living in a studio.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Pros of Living in a Studio Apartment Austin
11/5/08 03:53 PM

Let's not forget that Paris thought the Eiffel tower was a complete eyesore when it was built, too. Should also mention the history: it was built on a site of one of the very few buildings (one of three buildings, I think) which was destroyed in the bombings in WW2. Let's just be happy that a horrible loss is now an interesting and commercially viable structure.

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8/18/08 02:04 PM

Sorry to possibly hijack the subject of this post, but could someone tell us about the coffee table in the first post? It is GOR-geous

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7/25/08 12:03 PM

You probably can't put anything on your escape, but you might as well do it until someone tells you to take it down.

You could take some sort of waterproof fabric and weave it through the iron slats. But maybe that won't give you the amount of privacy you want?

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: How Can I Make My Fire Escape More Private?
7/24/08 09:49 AM

beauteous! Can you tell us where your house numbers are from?!

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7/22/08 01:20 PM

What about cork? It is much warmer feeling on your feet than wood.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Carpet or Wood?
7/1/08 12:49 PM

What about putting some floating shelves up between the windows and putting a small-ish lamp up there?

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Lighting Suggestions for the Living Room?
7/1/08 07:26 AM

These are much more popular in Europe than in the U.S. - even my dorm room in the Czech Republic had one.

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6/24/08 10:49 AM

You should check out the crate and barrel bed linens, they have a couple of Marimekko fabrics that are similar to what you are looking for - although on a slightly smaller scale. Most of them are more single color tone, but you could always add a quilt to add another color and texture to the bed.

I can't really tell particulars of the bed frame, but there are tons of platform beds out there. It kind of looks like there is something special with the headboard there, though.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Similar, Less Expensive Bedding?
6/20/08 09:52 AM