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Last year, my son (then 7) and I made these ornaments out of string molded around balloons, glitter and glue. They are beautiful, inexpensive, and not hard to make. We gave some away as gifts but kept a few for ourselves. I plan to make some smaller ones this year to go over a short string of Christmas lights.

8 DIY Ornaments Lists with Links | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/8/09 10:19 PM

Another vote for IKEA ektorp in the longer length. I was skeptical when I bought it 7 years ago -- it was so lightweight. Would it hold up? Hold up it has -- and that's with active boys jumping on it every day. It's super comfy and the slipcovers are machine washable. We bought an extra one so it's easy to switch one out while the other is in the wash.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Chicago Sources for a Long Slipcovered Sofa? Good Questions
8/28/09 09:53 PM

The Chicago Landlord and Tenant Ordinance requires that landlords allow reasonable subleases without the levying of additional fees. He may, however, hold onto your security deposit until the sublease ends. See the Metropolitan Tenants Organization for the complete ordinance and details (search for "subleases" for the exact wording): http://www.tenants-rights.org/. I'm not sure where you're located, but you should check for similar local ordinances.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Advice for Unpleasant, Unlivable Roommate Situation? Good Questions
8/27/09 08:49 PM

We have a plain glass window between the toilet area and the shower area of our bathroom, presumably to let in light from the shower's skylight. One of our house's previous owners had a custom piece of stained glass made just a little smaller than the window and hung it with chains welded onto the frame of the stained glass that attach to hooks screwed into the window frame. It's seems very sturdy, despite the weight of the glass piece. And it's easy to remove and clean as needed. It is, unfortunately, a hideous piece of stained glass. But the engineering of it seems like it might work in your situation.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Can I Create a Stained Glass Window? Good Questions
7/31/09 10:43 PM

When I lived in Chicago's Ukrainian Village, the elderly couple that lived in the next building used to save their space with a walker. I always thought that was brilliant. I mean, what kind of a person is going to move a walker to take a parking space?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Saving Parking Spots with Furniture
1/13/09 03:57 PM

If you don't care for the frosted film, you might try the film designed to reflect the heat of the sun. It makes it much more difficult to see in but you can still easily see out (at least during the day) and it has the added bonus of cutting down on summer cooling costs, if that is an issue. It's a little finicky to work with, but you can install it yourself and it's easily removed when you're ready to take it down.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Obscuring the View From Outside?
11/20/08 08:36 PM

The bottom one is definitely a variety of sedum, although I'm not sure of it's specific name. I have it growing in my garden and it spreads like crazy in both sun and shade, although it doesn't bloom as much in the shade. I believe the tall stalking ones are milkweed, which is, as its name suggests, a weed, but which attracts monarch butterflies. If you can tolerate it in your yard, it's a nice one to keep (and it can be a hard one to get rid of). If it is milkweed, it will get a purplish flower that smells like lilacs in a few weeks and will then develop a large seed pod that will eventually turn silvery gray and emit white milky seeds in the late summer/early fall. Monarchs prefer milkweed to all other plants and lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | AT on...Weeds
6/20/08 09:37 AM