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These pics look so radically different from the ones in Brooklyn Modern. A lot more personality. I thought the book was supposed to capture the homes in their native setting. Whats the deal? In any event, I love the home, and I like looking at from the outside (less than a block from my home).

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7/16/08 11:25 AM

I believe its amateur:

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7/16/08 07:43 AM

My girlfriend would marry me if I brought home one of these!

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7/10/08 09:45 AM

The westwood is comfortable enough for the price, but there is definitely a noticeable difference between these and their pricier cousins. I was hoping to purchase one of these a few weeks ago, but after sitting on them all we decided on the Townsend, which doesn't have the same styling, but is still modern and much more comfortable.

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6/25/08 10:32 AM