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Hi BREESF, (thanks!)...the patio is made of 24" sq pavers. We swept sand in the cracks between, just like you're supposed to. But of course here in rainy Oregon the sand has been mostly replaced by moss, at least over the winter months.

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8/20/12 11:58 AM

Hey JayneSteinmonkey....Lila is picture No 22...snugged into the Japanese Forest Grass! Maybe you mistook her for a monkey, she does look a bit like one.

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7/17/12 10:46 PM

HHRI - the tall spiky pink thing is Echium wildpretii 'rocket'...it was over 12 ft tall when it finally came down. I highly recommend it if you can find it! Of course just plain Echium wildpretii is pretty great too.

The Wingthorn Rose came from Cistus. Link up above, it's a fabulous plant (but then again I say that a lot).

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7/17/12 07:40 PM

Thanks! The orange pavilion was built by my talented husband (who is also the Factory Manager at Schoolhouse Electric). He designed it loosely based on the buildings at Cistus Nursery and those in a book he bought on constructing such things. We built it one winter at the Schoolhouse factory (inside where it's warm and dry!) and then brought it home and put it up in the spring. The patio area gets really sunny and hot during the summer so is was our shady refuge. The corrugated metal roof sounds great in the rain too!

To turn it into a greenhouse we wrap it in reusable very thick plastic that we bought from a nursery supplier (online, sorry I can't remember their name). That goes over the front and back and just under the roof. Then there are clear rigid walls on each end, one with a door for me to get in there and check on things. It's heated on really cold nights with an electric heater (keeps it about 30, even when it's 18 outside!) but most of the time it's used more to keep the rain off my hardy succulents.

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7/17/12 03:29 PM