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I guess I'm not surprised to see how many people have been involved in lawsuits here, but I was initially. I guess suing people in the US isn't that uncommon, but I have never met anyone that's been involved in any kind of actual litigation here in Canada. Litigation is threatened but very rarely pursued. I just can't imagine going through all that just because of a bad paint job!

I lightly renovated my apartment with my landlord's permission and they threw some money in for materials. I agree that you should ask for permission, but things like paint and hanging stuff on the walls shouldn't need permission. I understand that this is different in each area, but where I live you there's no damage deposit and you're technically allowed to paint walls whatever colour you want as long as you return them to white when you leave. It's nice to have that latitude and nice to have a government that makes laws that acknowledge that whether rented or owned, a person's home is their home and things like colour can't be arbitrarily dictated. It's also nice to know that here your rent can't be raised above inflation and that you can't be arbitrarily evicted.

Radical Renters: When Renters Make Big Changes
7/21/14 03:06 PM

Toronto, Canada
I was recently quoted for $30K contents and $1 million liability with all the add-ons that aren't normally covered... 2 bedroom 2 storey over a store:

$500 deductible = $503/year
$1,000 deductible = $447/year

Its worth noting that it will also save me about 7% on my car insurance which equals around $140 per year.

How Much Did Your Renters Insurance Cost? Reader Intelligence Request
7/15/14 04:04 PM

@ciddyguy - Who's assuming? They have every right to refuse to break a $100 bill. If the sale is important to either party, they will find a way to make it work.

I usually go to the market with a bunch of different bills because it's easier for everyone. But sometimes I spend all my small bills and need to ask someone to break the $50 or $100 bill. Sometimes it's refused and that's okay. But excuse me for asking a question! You place a lot of assumptions on how that $100 bill got there in the first place.

I usually bring some $100's for larger purchases - there have been quite a few occasions where I'm buying something that's more than a few hundred - carrying that many $20's and $10's is bulky, so pardon me for coming to the market with the intention of buying stuff.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/15/14 10:04 AM

@ek76 and @Adri22

Lots of people don't even think about what they're saying and don't even know what things like that mean.

A big one is "gypped". So many people use that term and have no idea that it's really rude and racist. I don't think I've heard any of my friends use it in a long time as they're mostly pretty sensitive and aware of what they're saying. I hear strangers use it quite often though.

I honestly think it's mostly just ignorance - people tend to say things they hear and don't inquire about the origins. Most are pretty embarrassed when they find out that they're being really offensive when they had no ill intentions.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/14/14 04:04 PM

There's a couple things that I thought of...

#1 - I do think it's rude to say insulting things about the vendor unnecessarily, but sometimes there are people just liquidating a bunch of junk they came across. There are people who buy and curate a collection that might not be to someone's taste, but I have no sympathy for those who are literally selling their junk and trying to pass it off as antiques.

#2 - People are allowed to be shocked by prices of things. It's fair to point out that an item is overpriced if it is. On a recent trip to an antiques market, I was approached by a vendor while looking at an HBC point blanket (label looked like it was from the 80's, in relatively mediocre condition). Unsolicited, he told me it was $1,000 and that he wouldn't take less than $900 for it. I told him that was ridiculous (because it was). I don't think it's bad or rude to call people on pricing things to try and gouge their customers.

#4 - asking for change for $100? Please. If they can't make change then they can say no... It's not rude to ask and it's not rude to say no. If a purchase is contingent on smaller bills, the purchaser will decide if it's worth breaking the bill elsewhere and returning, or just no buying the item.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/14/14 12:57 PM

Seal your grout - it makes mildew and mould a lot easier to clean off of grout. Replacing grout is a huge headache, so I think that sealing it should be the first option.

I used Killz primer on my rental bathroom's walls (there was mildew literally dripping off the walls when we moved in - Yuck!). We scrubbed the walls and ceiling with TSP (trisodium phosphate), then three coats of Killz primer, followed by a couple coats of bathroom paint. The Killz will seal and kill any remaining mould on the wall, and the bathroom paint already has the anti-mildew chemicals in it (so it doesn't affect colour or quality). Has worked in my very humid bathroom for 3 years now with no mildew resurgence.

How To Prevent Mildew in the Bathroom
7/11/14 08:43 AM

@oregon coast
I don't think it's so much that AT is using sloppy language as you're making a mountain out of a molehill.

The message was clear, and for a light hearted post it really doesn't matter that much.

Can You Spot the Most Valuable American Antique?
7/7/14 02:17 PM

The warhol isn't likely the most valuable one. His work goes for a lot, but most of his prints aren't worth much more than 100-200K, most are worth a lot less.

The Audobon could be worth quite a bit. I know some plates sell into the hundreds of thousands.

The flag was one of quite a few taken to the moon and back intentionally to be given as gifts to VIPs and other countries. There are quite a few of them out there.

The comic book seems like the likely winner to me. People go crazy over that stuff, and it's the first Marvel comic book ever.

Can You Spot the Most Valuable American Antique?
7/4/14 03:14 PM

Excellent result! All on $175 including the value of donated items? Amazing!

The tiniest change I would make is to replace the outlet over the sink, or even just paint it white. I don't like painted outlets, but I prefer them to mis-matched outlet/plate combos.

Kitchen Before & After: A 1960s Studio Kitchen Gets a Budget Glam Makeover Kitchen Remodel
5/29/14 10:29 AM

The carnations in the photo would be just fine in my house. They are lovely!

But those aren't most carnations. Most are much smaller, less frilly and less full looking. I hate that kind. I especially hate the dyed ones.

I think, in addition to the reasons above, that they get their bad rap from being the base flower for a lot of funeral arrangements.

Budget Blooms: The Case for Carnations
5/26/14 05:40 PM

I normally agree with these kinds of posts, but remember to balance everything. Certain things are expensive for a reason. Have your eye on a designer piece of furniture? Go and see it - touch and feel it before buying a look-alike.

For something such as the Eames Lounge Chair - there is no substitute. You can find something that looks the same, but it will not be nearly the same quality. You will forever know that it's a knock-off, and it won't last as long unless you never use it. You will also likely not care for it the same way you would a true designer piece.

Another example is that Jonathan Adler cushion compared to the one from Overstock. They look similar because they both have an apple on the front, but if the Adler one is appealing to you because of the colour, then the Overstock one is not a replacement. It looks drab in comparison.

If you can't afford the very identifiable designer items, then get something different that fits your budget.

Shopping Secrets: 7 Ways to Get the
Look for Less

5/21/14 12:53 PM

Not trying to be that person, but if you are looking for something cheap and seasonal, perhaps on this list should be a thrift store and some paint.

It's surprising what you can find for $0.25 and with a little imagination, you'll be helping to keep this cheap crap out of the landfill.

Also, look at what you already have. You may be able to update something with some spray paint and painter's tape.

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Decorative Accessories
5/14/14 06:40 PM

I'm surprised not to see the Applaro gate-leg table here. It folds down to be tiny but with both leaves deployed it seats 4 comfortably for dinner, and easily 6 for drinks, more if you want.

Also, it's only $79.

10 Tables For Tiny Backyards, Patios, and Porches Product Roundup
5/14/14 10:17 AM

I don't understand why anyone's opinion here matters. It's your home, and it's a completed purchase. Unless you have the option of returning it, what's the point of asking strangers on the internet whether you made a mistake, and sight unseen?

This is 100% a personal preference. Unless you are planning on selling, internet opinions should have no bearing on your anxiety or your buyer's remorse.

Should I Have Gone With the Stainless Range? Good Questions
5/8/14 09:48 AM

How is this advocating an illegal activity? They aren't suggesting that readers put rooftop fireplaces on their homes. They aren't suggesting that people in New Orleans rent out their places on AirBnB. They are showcasing design. Do you need a huge disclaimer on every website you look at?

Before & After: A Roof Deck Transformation Sweeten
4/16/14 01:20 PM

On the probably-illegal firepit - it's not AT's responsibility or mandate to not post anything that may contravene municipal bylaws. Are we going to ask AT that they only post projects that were properly permitted, engineered and installed by licensed and unionised tradespeople, with building code consultants?

I mean really... Take this website for what it is people - take inspiration and go on with your lives.

Before & After: A Roof Deck Transformation Sweeten
4/16/14 01:16 PM

The biggest change is the flooring, which wouldn't be cheap given that it's sitting on the roof membrane. There are all kinds of speciality products to create the kind of level floor seen here and none of them are affordable to most people. They are usually used in commercial buildings and for really high-end homes/condos.

But regardless of the cost, the transition looks like something out of a home depot website. Not to offend anyone, but I can't see why this is remarkable in any way, other than the fact that they used a designer from the Sweeten service. Surely there are more impressive examples of their work?

Before & After: A Roof Deck Transformation Sweeten
4/16/14 01:09 PM

To each their own, but the space seems at odds with the setting.

I appreciate not wanting seashells and crab nets hanging from the ceiling, but the place feels more downtown Chicago than beach-pad. Facing the sofa in and ignoring the amazing and peaceful view seems like a really weird decision. Even when it's stormy out I'd want to be watching what's going on outside.

I suppose that if the client is happy, then the designer did their job. But with a setting so stunning and dramatic, it's hard to believe that practically nothing was inspired from the beach/ocean at their doorstep.

A Beach-Side Home With a Hip & Fun Vibe Professional Project
4/14/14 05:02 PM

I'm saying straight.

Staggered looks like you're trying to hide an imperfection. I also think that had you used a different, less contrasty grout on the wall you could do staggered, but it'll look too matchy-matchy.

The straight looks more professional, more high end to me. It gives off a much cleaner vibe which is what you want in a bathroom.

What's the Best Tile Layout For My Bathroom?: Straight or Staggered?
4/11/14 11:56 AM

My tip for making the most of candles:

Burn them.

@Rowan - I hope you notified the store that candle came from. Sounds like a recall is in order.

@TeaTowel - I've heard that thing about freezing candles as well and I don't buy it. It may make them last a couple minutes longer at most, but that's just because the wax isn't burning as fast at first. Once there's a pool of wax, there is no reason they would burn slower. If you want to make sure candles last longest, keep the wick short - this limits the amount of wax that can burn, but the tradeoff is that the flame is smaller.

Tips for Making the Most of Candles
4/8/14 09:18 AM