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You have a really helpful article here. The Houzz gallery is indeed very inspiring while the DIY pocket door provides alternative for those who do not have enough budget to hire someone to do the door installation for them.

Pocket Doors for Small Spaces
7/25/12 10:23 AM

Hi Jane,

I like the lay-out of your apartment. It has fit the kitchen and the laundry area there without sacrificing too much space.

I think sharing this apartment with your 2 y/o son won't really be a total stress. You just need the most efficient lay-out of furnishings that would, of course, depend on how you like things go around your house.

If you really want to keep the bedroom tidy and free of clutter, I suggest you place your office table and other stuffs in an alloted corner in the living room. That way, you won't feel any stress when you enter the bedroom. Another thing is, even if you are busy at work or doing home management stuffs, you will still be able to watch your son closely.

If you are in need of new modern but child-friendly furniture for this apartment, you can take a look at our site - The site contains almost everything you need in a modern house. This will save time for you as well in going to and from malls and you can even do this between work or home management tasks.

Child-Friendly Furniture Suggestions for Sharing New Apartment with Son? Good Questions
7/19/12 09:49 AM

Hey Isabella, I think those chairs look great! With professional reupholstering, you can make them look better.

The price range of 500 to 600 USD is relatively cheap considering they're for both chairs already and you are in NYC. I think it's worth the price if you are willing to spend that much.

However, I suggest that if you can find a friend who's really good at sewing things, a fashion designer or someone who does diy sewing stuffs, maybe you can ask him/her to make your chair his/her next project/challenge. It'll be cheaper and fun for sure and at least you'll have the bragging rights if you are able to restore it really well.

More Info On & Cost to Reupholster Chairs? Good Questions
7/16/12 06:09 PM