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I agree that the sofa is the main stumbling block. Black leather is classic but the bunchy back of this sofa are not helping your look. I wonder whether you are able to temporarily remove the back cushions to diamond-tuft them? If your sofa construction allows it this could really tighten up the leather and take it more into a turn-of-the-century shipping office mood. I also like the idea of oversized casters, like scaffolding casters. Check your local Kijiji Business/Industrial section! And if the couch can't be rehabilitated, sell it and use the proceeds to buy a sleek-lined, charmingly battered vintage one on Kijiji or Craigslist. I think you've definitely got space for a coffee table - maybe a five feet of salvaged weathered-cedar decking (often listed free for pickup from deck demolitions; you'd only need 3 good planks) with black threaded pipe legs. Good luck!

How To Make Living Room More Industrial Modern? Good Questions
7/16/12 01:36 PM