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Industrial modern could mean a few things. Do you like the rustic factory meets modern look (warmer palette, rusty, re-purposed woods and metals) or the clean modern industrial look (sleeker lines, cooler palette, new metals, brighter accessories) which it looks like your decor & tv area and window frames might tie into better with. You could really make a huge difference by starting off with a few simple things and then do some accessorizing later. Donate the curtains or re-purpose them to replace them, update your entertainment center & maybe get a rug.

Rustic factory meets modern look-
Curtains-burlap or warm (but not too yellow) white or brown
Walls- Cream or warm off white (not metallic, that screams 80's, early 90's)
TV area- paint the entertainment center stuff in darker colors or browns and incorporate recycled wood, bonus if there is old paint of finish on it. Use the wood or old metal grates or panel to make doors on your entertainment center.
Floors- Rugs with interesting textures like jute or leather

Clean modern industrial look-
Curtains- clean roller blinds or aluminum mini-blinds.
Walls- Neutral white or darker warm gray (too cool will feel like a fish tank)
Entertainment center- Leave as is but put some metal or glass doors or sliding panels on there.
Floor- leave as is or get a bright or fun patterned rug that still has a clean look to it

Sorry for the lengthy comment!

How To Make Living Room More Industrial Modern? Good Questions
7/16/12 11:37 AM