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Can anyone recommend a place to find affordable Eastern spiritual decor items like Buddhas etc in NYC and the surrounding areas?

Specifically I'm most interested in Indian, Tibetan, Balinese styles as opposed to Chinese. Already visited Pearl River Mart and they didn't have much in the vein I'm seeking.

The Weekend Guide: September 28, 2012 National, Local & Online Sales and Events Calendar
9/28/12 07:08 PM

Forget tricky software, where do we go for answers for Home Decorating questions???

Why is there no Apartment Therapy forum here for reader to reader discussion. I'd like to ask a question about sourcing something (buddha figures) in NYC right now, and without a relevant blog post here, how do I even reach out to the collective wisdom of the AT community?

Is there another forum elsewhere I can do this if AT doesn't offer one?

Where We Go For Answers For Tricky Software Problems
9/28/12 07:01 PM

Yet another vote for the Bar Keepers Friend if nothing else has worked. Saw the suggestion here and it got rid of similar marks to those pictured but it still took a LOT of elbow grease and more than one session.

Just realize that it's far from green, so only resort to this when all else has failed, use gloves and make sure you have good ventilation.

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9/22/12 03:51 PM

Forget "think FLOR carpet tiles", those actually are FLOR carpet tiles! On their website they even use the FLOR thumbnails to demonstrate the loft of the pile of each available insert style. (with the pencil tip for scale)

Itch Cat Scratch Pad by Square Cat Habitat
7/17/12 07:00 AM

Not understanding how the Skubb boxes Sarracenia linked to can work with the Expedit based on the IKEA dimensions listed…

Width: 17 ¼ "
Depth: 21 ¾ "
Height: 13 "

How can these fit in a 13 x 13 x 15.25 space?

What am I missing? A quick google found at least one other page discussing the use of Skubbs in the Expedit as well, so something isn't adding up. Any insight would be appreciated!

Ten Storage Options for Your Expedit
7/15/12 07:34 AM