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Cute. I love the Ontario, and you did an awesome job with your place. i especially love the 'no boarding east of anacostia' piece.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Scott's Detailed Restoration at The Ontario Washington, DC
7/9/09 06:26 PM

I died and went to heaven. LOVE!

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Tour: Brad Kendra's South End Drama Boston
6/30/09 11:54 PM

I almost passed out when I saw the 'Before' pics.... did not know if they were the 'actuals'! Thank you for rescuing that house. Good job- it looks lovely!

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Berto Mary's Cozy Casa Norfolk, Virginia
6/30/09 11:44 PM

I love the floors, and I love the 'open-ness' of the space. What was the original floor-plan like?

Apartment Therapy DC | House Call: Laura Eric's Adams Morgan Condo Washington, DC
6/30/09 11:40 PM

Love the door.... love the doggy just as much!

Apartment Therapy DC | Another Orange Door in the DC Area!
6/30/09 11:32 PM

Brookland- ADORABLE!

Southwest- may be affordable, but maintenance/condo fees in SW are killer if you are looking at buying.
(and unfortunately- way to many 1980s type buildings for my taste!) Don't attack me- just my opinion.

Disclaimer- I live in NW (Kalorama).

Apartment Therapy DC | Roundup: Homes with Surprising Interiors
6/30/09 11:30 PM

WOW! I am totally blown away. I happen to know where you live (not in a creepy way- i just recognized the studio because I sell homes- and no, I am not plugging my business). I sold a place similar to yours and CANNOT believe how efficiently you put everything together in that small space. You even managed a dining area. It is a lovely and functional space. And i 'heart' your gallery wall. Gorge. Good job Stefan.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Stefan's Inspired Eclectic Studio Washington, DC
3/27/09 12:15 AM

I love Ali. Her quirkiness shows in her home. I dig it! even the 'custom pink'.

Apartment Therapy DC | Actress Ali Wentworth's Georgetown House The Washington Post, 3.26.09
3/27/09 12:08 AM

really good use of a small space. Fantastic!

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Laura's Funky DIY StudioWashington DC
12/4/08 06:39 PM

So planning a trip to Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands or Austria.

Apartment Therapy DC | Look!: A Sneak Peak at the New HM Home Collection
12/2/08 06:39 PM

I live in DC and frequent G street fabrics. The Rockville one has a better selection (my opinion) in the remnant section. You can find some really funky fabric for 3.97 a yard or 7.97 depending. Take time to look through everything, since there are lots of gems hidden in the batch of uglies.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Great Upholstery Resources in DC?
11/12/08 05:16 PM

Really delightful!!! I love that you brought your travels and experiences home.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Chris' Cozy Autumn-Colored Condo Washington, DC
11/1/08 07:28 PM

IpsoCrafto owner says it is a tough economy, and they are suffering as a small business. More reason for us to buy and support local.

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 5 Washington DC
10/29/08 07:35 PM

Alas the historic society will not even let me THINK about what color to change the exterior of my house.

Speaking of which- I LOVE that Row of houses you have pictured. I walk by them on 16th street. My fav thing is during the holidays, each house lights a window candle. It is the loveliest site driving down 16th- even for my usual 'unfestive' self.

Apartment Therapy DC | Survey: What's Your Favorite Exterior Paint Color?
10/29/08 07:31 PM

What is that pink thing? i don't even know what it is but i love love love it.

Apartment Therapy Boston | International #11: Paola's Color Harmony
10/25/08 07:13 AM

gswiszcza- let me know if you get a good resource for a dc upholsterer who is affordable. I am ALSO debating whether or not to DIY something, but have heard it can be a nightmare.

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 5 Washington DC
10/24/08 01:56 PM

Ipsocrafto is closing down in December. And everything is currently 30% off. Breaks my heart, because I just discovered it.

Katherinec- have you tried the usual suspects on 14th street, and the U street corridor. You prolly have, but just in case. I would also do the occasional trip to the boonies of VA. I always get good stuff there.

Also, about G street- i took the beginners sewing class (made a tote bag and PJs). It was helpful, but I learned a lot more sewing from library books, and a few picks from Amazon. I can send you my list. Also, at one point IpsoCrafto had private lessons for $40 an hour (I think). Check to see if they still offer them. I can email you my booklist if you like.

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 5 Washington DC
10/24/08 01:49 PM

I love Elfa systems. I had one at my old house, and recently moved and got a second one installed at the new place.

However, I am not crazy about the shoe rack thingie. It is not great for flats or for boots- and I have had to get a different system for both.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Elfa Gliding Shoe Rack in the Test Lab
10/21/08 03:09 PM

I am with Monica on this one. I have priced cool curtains EVERYWHERE, and it is soooo much better to find a cool fabric, and sew them. The supplies section on Etsy typically has some great fabrics, and it is REALLY easy to make them.

Email me, and I can send you easy instructions on how to.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Contemporary Curtains in Boston?
10/20/08 09:11 AM

Absolutely Darling! Very well edited. I love that you have the aboriginal art pieces. Those are gorgeous- and unique.

And can I have the cat?

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Yokie's Updated Pops of Color Washington, DC
10/16/08 05:03 PM