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I tend to be very pattern phobic. Most of clothes and the walls of my house are mostly solid colors. I LOVE patterns! Especially, gorgeous fabric, but I tend to shy away from them out of fear of things looking tacky. This apartment is the how I wish I had the courage to decorate. I don't like every single item or art work in the apartment, but the bold choices are magnificent!

Karen's Color Explosion House Tour
7/23/13 11:30 PM

Am I the only one on the planet who HATES beets? I know they add great color, but I think they are just awful tasting! Do you think I could substitute another root vegetable like turnips or kolrabi?

Recipe: Best-Ever Veggie Burgers Recipes from The Kitchn
7/23/13 11:10 PM

This is just stupid.

LED Mood Broom Floor Lamps Sweeping Trend ICFF 2012
5/25/12 04:33 PM

Thanks for bringing back memories of the Dead Head days. :)

DIY Tangle-Free Headphones with Embroidery Floss
5/20/12 09:49 PM

I love some people's idea of "on a budget". Clearly it was a fairly large budget.

Sarah's Pro Style at Home House Call
5/20/12 09:46 PM

I was excited by the concept (despite the language), but the site comes across as pretentious and slightly exploitative. The Documentary section aside, the kids are just dressed up in costumes and posed. They remind me of bored super models. There were a few exceptions, but the kids just seemed stiff. Maybe it's just the tone. My first thought was: This is like an arty - "Toddlers and Tiaras" . It feels weird. And the baby bottle still life series- what the hell? When did art get so uppity and boring?

New Online Magazine: Kid-In
5/17/12 09:50 PM

Wow, that Sean is a handy guy. :) I like the idea of a hand crafted minimalist design. For my own sanity, the placement of the leather chair in the living room is wrong. The chair should face the sofa to create a conversation area and balance out the space. Sorry just a pet peeve. I love the sofa and banquet, though.

Sean & Sara's Minimal Americana House Tour
5/15/12 09:46 PM

Well crap! I was having a -"oh, wouldn't it be magical to live in the house where Christopher Robin lived" moment until someone had to mention Brian Jones died in the swimming pool. Talk about a buzz kill. Is there nothing pure left in this world?

A.A. Milne's English Country Home is On the Market Design News 05.15.12
5/15/12 09:29 PM

The Cowboy Junkies put out an album in the early nineties. Never made it past track 2. Knocked me out every time.

Study Determines This Is the Most Relaxing Song Ever
4/28/12 06:17 PM

$180 for bookends. Really? Frivolous crap like this is just irritating.

Karim Rashid & Menu's Knowledge in the Brain Bookends Daily Tech Find
4/26/12 09:38 PM

Wood paneling done right! Kudos on such a warm and inviting space. And that sofa is too die for! Love it.

Mark Maček's Modern, Warm & Woodsy
House Tour

4/26/12 09:28 PM

Take down the Christmas lights.

Bryan's Sunny Studio Small Cool Contest
4/24/12 10:01 PM

This is truly a lovely office. It's very whimsical and nicely curated. And yes, Russell is indeed very attractive with an awesome tattoo.

Poke Acupuncture's New Spot On Melrose Office Tour
4/24/12 09:49 PM

Love it. Love the natural elements mixed with the industrial pieces. Love the coffee table. And he's even a romantic - the bed is lovely. The first one I've favorited so far. Kudos, my friend.

Ryan's Perfect Blank Canvas Small Cool Contest
4/22/12 08:59 PM

I recently switched to the ergonomic pillow. The $20 ikea memory foam one. I was constantly getting stiff sore necks in the morning. Changed my life. The mattress is about 13 years old. Will probably get a new one in a few years.

When Did You Last Replace Your Pillows & Mattress? Reader Survey
3/28/12 09:02 AM

A few pops of color here and there would be nice, but I LOVE the sofa and coffee table. Source? The apartment is in Sweden so that explains the light colors.

Designing a Warm & Charming TV Area: 3 Ways to Make it Happen
2/28/12 11:22 PM

We do something similar. We have a snack basket that I (try to remember) to keep stocked with stuff they can eat anytime. No cheetos, of course ;) - they'd be gone in a day. I like the idea of putting the plates and bowls done there. My days of pouring bowls of cereal are over.

Create A Kid's Pantry In The Kitchen
Better Homes and Garden

10/29/11 02:08 PM

The Le Corbusier Lounge chair! Have you ever actually sat in one? I sat on one at DWR one day and my lower back never felt more at peace. (sigh)

What's Your Dream Piece Of Furniture?
6/7/11 11:34 PM

@bepsf - My first thought was of the Bin Laden compound!

@charlotte - I'm totally with you. I think this is really disturbing. No thank you.

Would You Live in This Safe House?
6/7/11 11:29 PM

Yay! Austin. We are moving there this summer. We're hoping to live in either Hyde Park or Crestview. Can't wait.

Sarah & Clay's Playful Yet Elegant Home
House Tour

5/25/11 09:38 PM