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Thank you for the post AT and for all the positive comments.

One thing to always remember is that dogs are in fact a separate species with their own wants and needs. One of these is an instinctual need for a secure den-like space. From their roots as wild animals, they want a secure and private space that they don't need to worry about some larger predator sneaking up on them and that they can "turn off" their senses and truly rest. In today's busy and sometimes-cramped lifestyle, it's especially important to provide your dog his own space where he can "get away." Our dens have been specially designed to fulfill this need.

The practice of crate training has been used by all dog owners for many years, both as a way to give the dog his den, and as a way for the dog parent to keep him safe in their human home. Our dens are designed to be functioning dog crates and are used as such by thousands of dog parents every day.

@bem10001 Wow! we sincerely apologize that you had such a bad experience! If you would like to contact us at the email below, we would love to hear more of your story so that we can learn and improve. We don't have your case on file so it's possible that you got a BowHaus from the former owner; it has since been much improved.

Please feel free to contact us at support at denhaus dot com or 877.211.7438 and we'll be happy to answer questions or provide additional information.

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7/12/12 12:15 PM