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My son LOVES "Top Chef" and tries to make us gourmet meals all of the time - this would REALLY help that cause. Great gift!

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11/29/10 03:29 PM

Steer clear of the Target "wood" bench storage box - we got it last summer and it's completely falling apart - literally wood breaking away from the hinges - and I only have one 3-yr old boy who opened with normal usage patterns - a true piece of junk. We're back to square one looking for a new option - I'll keep an eye on this post...

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6/5/10 11:50 AM

Linke for the article I reference in my earlier post. And I quote "For children born in the past decade, the transformative potential of these new universes is just beginning to be felt. New studies and pilot projects show smartphones can actually make kids smarter. "

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5/3/10 06:29 PM

I think denying access to interactive technology to children is very short-sighted. Did anyone see the cover of last month's Fast Company???

If you think denying children access to technology will help them adapt in the long run - you're wrong. I think there's a time and place for smartphone activities in context to all other activities in a child's world. The responsbility falls back to the parent to ensure the child's activity matrix is reasonably balanced with ALL types of activities.

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5/3/10 06:03 PM

Been looking for a new laptop bag - liked her designs and found a deal on one at Amazon - thanks!

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3/8/10 03:15 PM

Adorable room - love the colors - and please let us know about the pendant lamps and where you got them - I've been looking all over for something similar - thanks!

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10/27/08 09:16 AM

Any ideas for a boy travel pack would be great...

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8/20/08 09:13 AM

Great room - Super neat old school disney prints - where did you get them???

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8/1/08 09:44 AM

My 2-yr old son Bennett's favorite thing in the whole wide world is to have a seat and read a book... this chair would be perfect... we'd put this chair in our family room so he can read and have a really cool chair of his own ;)

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6/19/08 01:27 PM