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I have had a Miele Yellow Star canister vacuum for about 5 years now. I also have the Miele hepa stick vac. I also have the old Oreck set-upright and shoulder canister. I have a 2400 sq ft house with a westie dog, a lab mix puppy, 3 grownups and 2 children plus a 37 ft RV. I have all hard floors but alot of thick area rugs in the house. We MOSTLY use the Miele because it kicks butt on dust and dog hair MUCH better than the ORECK did NEW!!! I have the parquet brush but mostly use the electric head brush and the pet brush works GREAT on upholstery. Well worth extra $ spent. Used to have a Filter Queen and even surpasses that! Helps the asthmatic/allergy prone people/dogs in our family in the deep south humidity too! NEVER use another vac BUT the Miele again! Change filters offen and clean hoses and attachments! agree with, it. will. change. your. life.

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7/10/12 05:49 PM