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I grabbed like 4 rolls of these last time I was at Ikea – the patterns and colors are so great.

The Easiest Way to Make Cloth Napkins: Start With IKEA Dish Towels
4/10/14 10:10 AM

I'm wildly obsessed with the Wary Meyers candle line (the Coco Nuit is amazing, and the packaging on everything is A+). Sydney Hale Co. is another new fave!

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3/25/14 09:40 AM

Thanks to everyone for checking this out, and for taking the time to comment - glad some of you dig! Loved the comment about any DIY being a starting point for your own style and preferences.

One thing I mentioned when I ran this on Panda Head Blog was that these are especially impactful in multiples, as a backdrop or for event decor - you can see them in action here at my studio:

and during a Topaz + Arrow DIY workshop:

I've also featured them in bulk as a window installation, and have a super simple one (similar to what's pictured) hanging over my bed.

Thanks so much, AT, for posting!

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2/22/14 02:34 PM

I've actually purchased from - the link keltrue posted above. He/she is correct in that they're not cheap, but they're definitely quality, and I've used them for multiple event set-ups. An amazon search for "bistro lights" will turn up a bunch of options in various price ranges, but I've found that the black corded ones are harder to come by.

Where Can I Find Outdoor Party Lights? Good Questions
1/7/13 05:55 PM

This made me think of Hand Drawn Bazaar! They're an illustrated, "traveling treasure hunt" of Farmer's Markets/Flea Markets/Fairs across the country/WORLD - definitely worth checking out!

Travel Recommendation: Find the Local Farmers' Market
7/9/12 10:59 AM