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baking with whole grains, cornflour - recipes that involve anything but AP white!

Reader Request Week Is Coming! Tell Us What You Want to Read Reader Request Week 2014
6/2/14 11:49 PM

Great post. Important to note here that the tea stories here are all about the history of Empire/British colonialism...

What's the Difference Between English, Irish and Scottish Breakfast Teas? Tea Essentials
4/7/14 11:59 AM

Such good stuff. But ugh to "San Fran"

How Dandelion Makes Their Chocolate in San Francisco Maker Tour
1/23/14 12:05 PM

This pomegranate molasses salad dressing is amazing:


Ideas for Salad Dressings Without Added Sugar? Good Questions
1/13/14 10:40 AM

+ 1 for OXO. Still going strong two years after purchase. Also, just returned from international travel - had this scale in my checked luggage, definitely got beat up along the way and it's still in perfect condition.

Can You Help Me Find a Great Kitchen Scale for Under $100? Good Questions
12/5/13 02:40 PM

love the tip from rose levy bernbaum. maybe i'm weird, but i can't stand the gloppy texture that cornstarch creates. not a huge fan of tapioca either. looking forward to trying this soon!

Hate Soggy Fruit Desserts? Try This Simple Trick
7/11/13 11:45 AM

smitten kitchen's peach blueberry version is super easy and always delicious: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2010/07/cornmeal-drop-biscuit-peach-blueberry-cobbler/

Crisps and Cobblers: My Favorite Way to Bake With Summer Fruits
7/9/13 11:03 AM

How long do you think these last before going stale/soft? Should be eaten immediately? Same day?

How to Make Italian Grissini Breadsticks Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/28/13 02:30 PM

Plugra! It's pricey but at least in pie crusts and tart shells, I think it makes a big difference. Apparently it has a higher butterfat content than most U.S.-made butters, which means more buttery flavor. I also like Kerrygold, which is a bit more affordable, but I do think Plugra is the best.

What's the Best Brand of Butter for Baking? Good Questions
5/9/13 04:04 PM

sick and gross.

Could These Herb Oil Sprays Be Your Next Pantry Staple?
3/19/13 03:55 PM

Great images! But as an editor, I have to point to the lack of editorial review here. Misspellings of such basic terms as "muesli" and "frittata" are not good news for a food blog.

Julie and Andy's Bright, Happy Kitchen Kitchen Tour
3/13/13 12:21 PM

This looks amazing. But where to find fresh cherries this time of year??

Breakfast Recipe: Baked Ricotta Blintzes with Fresh Cherry Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
3/7/13 11:16 AM

Just made these - DELICIOUS!!!! I am not a big muffin person, I usually find them too heavy and dense. Cake flour was an amazing call. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

Recipe: Orange Poppy Seed Muffins Recipes from The Kitchn
3/4/13 10:55 PM

I always use unsalted butter and used to buy whatever was on sale. Then, my baker friend informed me that butters produced in the U.S. have a higher water content than European butters. Now, I use Plugra or Kerrygold if I'm making a pie crust, tart shell, or flaky pastry. It's pricier but I do see a difference.

The Best for Baking: Unsalted Butter Ingredient Spotlight
12/10/12 11:38 AM

Love that the mung beans sit atop the New Yorker's recent piece on the Grateful Dead!

Recipe: One Bowl Mung Bean MealRecipes from The Kitchn
11/29/12 02:00 PM

wow, that gratin looks amazing. i'm always looking for new parsnip recipes - such an underrated root. thanks!

Parsnip Gratin with Gruyere and Thyme & Homemade Hot, Sweet & Smoky Mustard Delicious Links
11/6/12 11:26 AM