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good tips and I love your idea @ali in atlanta

7 Secrets to Getting Anything Done Around the House
5/25/14 09:28 AM

Great list. And yes to the simple things... i burn my favorite oil (mandarin and tangelo from the Body Shop) and it is an instant pick me up!

10 Inexpensive Ways to Add Life to Any Space
2/27/14 02:27 PM

I love how even a simple article about flowers & their happiness effect can take a somewhat sour turn...


I love having bouquets around...I put together two for the January Cure and put them in places where I don't already have my plants for a nice color pick up during these cold drab Chicago winter days.

A Healthy New Year's Resolution: How Flowers Help With Health & Happiness The Gardenist
1/9/14 02:44 PM

i am in chicago aka #chiberia and i was going to sit on the floor and do this but my apt floors are ice cold!

so, a plan b is required. 0_o

10 Mindful Minutes: Get a Fresh Perspective January Cure: Assignment #3
1/6/14 09:07 PM

love this...such a fun fabric

Before & After: Laura's "Simple & Cheap" Ottoman Redo
3/12/11 05:01 PM

what a great score for 4 bucks and the transformation is lovely...

Before & After: Joy's Rocking Chair Redo
Reader Project

2/5/11 02:08 PM

i love people who like to take things that are otherwise trash or trashy and turning them into something that they adore.

Project Restyle: Upcycling Ideas for the Home
A Beautiful Mess

1/22/11 07:23 PM

i am looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

New Home Design Mag in 2011: Lucky Home
1/22/11 04:36 PM


love that bed especially!

George Lowell's Classic Contemporary Apartment
House Tour

1/22/11 03:59 PM

love the fresh color choices.

also would kill for that typewriter!

Jose & Ben's Light and Cheery Apartment
House Tour

1/22/11 03:57 PM

oh and erinlynn i agree 100%.

i am always curious as to why people think that by leaving negative and essentially unnecessary comments adds to anything.

doing so doesn't me you look clever or interesting

if a post doesn't appeal to me, i move on but i don't feel a need to insult someones work.

5 At Home Laundry Tips For Laundromat Users
1/22/11 03:53 PM

i take my clothes to the laundromat in a suitcase.

i just cant lug it the 4 blocks away that it is and it just makes my life easier.

i try to go during the week early in the day to avoid crowds.

and i NEVER fold my clothes and stack them on the tables. it just seems like such a waste of time. i fold and pack.

5 At Home Laundry Tips For Laundromat Users
1/22/11 03:49 PM

i love that you can totally change the atmosphere of a home with a few coats of paint.

it feels like a totally different place with the warmth of the new color.

Fresh Start Color Makeover: From Blue to Pink
Cherish Toronto

1/22/11 03:27 PM

sadly i have

magazines, clothes, bags and shoes!

i have so many of all of the above that i love.

but i am working to downsize, streamline and organize it all because at some point the loves overflowing becomes too much!

What Is Your Clutter Weakness?
1/22/11 03:05 PM

love love this...i am currently painting my living room, kitchen, bathroom and halls white and i cant wait to finish and accent with other colors that i love.

Super White Interiors: A Fresh Start from Tine K
1/18/11 01:10 PM

i can live without tv but having a computer at home is a must have.

the couple of times where i did not have it were while the most productive for my housework, were the least productive times business wise.

The Computer-Free Home
1/18/11 01:02 PM

pretty cool...

The $16 Homemade Bed: A Rustic Chic DIY
11/28/10 09:23 PM

more bling more bling!

love these!

Win This Decorative Pillow Set from SIVAANA!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

11/27/10 01:19 PM

i don't follow other peoples rules so i put mine up when the spirit hits which is usually early november

i love the decorations so the longer i get to bask in their beauty the better...

and i have been listening to xmas music for weeks already...

love it

How Soon is Too Soon for Holiday Decorations?

11/27/10 01:17 PM

i was in west elm the other day and i loved everything about this years collection...

Who Has the Best Holiday Collection This Year?
Style Survey

11/27/10 01:14 PM