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Come on! Something to hold to go downstairs? There's the wall and after, just one step. These beauties are old enought to take a step without arming themselves...

A Symmetrical, Storage Heaven for Sisters Professional Project
4/12/13 06:59 AM

That's fun, but not a time saver - you have to comb/brush hair before anyway- not green, no clean, noisy... It's like taking the car to go to the dely in your street...

How Daddy Does Hair: How To Hairstyle With a Vacuum
4/12/13 06:56 AM

I want them all!

Perennial Personality:
Pot Heads & Face Plants

4/8/13 06:21 PM

I want them all!

Perennial Personality:
Pot Heads & Face Plants

4/8/13 06:21 PM

If you love the green on the walls, you could peint bright white the wood arround the windows. It would reflet much more the ligth and the space would look more contemporary. I would move too the bookcase in the corner wich "eat" visually the space. And yes, bring in some accents of colours with throw over sofa and pillows as S. Coulombe just said.

Tips to Brighten My Living Room? Good Questions
4/8/13 06:21 PM

If the label says "hand wash" i dont buy it.

Tell Us: The Laundry Nitty Gritty
4/8/13 12:18 PM

Google "ricetta per crosta di parmigiano", in Italian, you'll find a lot of good surprises - that you can translate on-line, of course

Fresh Ideas for Using Cheese Rinds? Good Questions
4/5/13 09:41 AM

Good question: how do you do with a rug in the kitchen? It's an special material? Do it need special care? Or you're not as messy as I and that's the trick? I really would like to cover my dull tiles with something like it.

Alexis & Ian’s Designer Pad House Tour
4/3/13 01:13 PM

Rinse potatoes and cook in lightly salted water.
When cooked, drain them, cool them under running water, cut into thick slices.
Lightly salt and pepper, put some heavy cream on every slice and garnish each with a teaspoon of caviar. Serve immediately.

What is Your Best Advice for Buying and Serving Caviar? Good Questions
4/3/13 06:13 AM

1 / Open fresh eggs with a teaspoon, then empty the contents of the eggs in a bowl and beat with the cream, salt and pepper.
2 / Place the shells a minute in boiling water to sterilize.
3 / Cook eggs in a double boiler stirring constantly like scrambled eggs.
4 / The eggs must remain soft and moist.
5 / Then put the shell in an egg cup put a touch of cream, eggs, some chives and finally caviar.

What is Your Best Advice for Buying and Serving Caviar? Good Questions
4/3/13 06:11 AM

Oh, i didn't know honey is not vegan, but of course, the bees... So, if I invite strict vegan friends, i have to avoid it?

10 Decadent Surprisingly Vegan Desserts Recipe Roundup
3/29/13 01:22 PM

Could it be some kind of wafer, like in here: ?

Mystery Layer in Hong-Kong-Style Cakes? Good Questions
3/29/13 12:58 PM

I'm sure it was delicious, but that's not spanish churros at all, sorry. Never butter, no eggs. Of course no vanilla nor cinammon. You're appealing creation is more a pâte à choux, indeed or even mexican churros.

Dessert Recipe: Churros Balls With Warm Chocolate Dipping Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
3/25/13 03:10 PM

You can boil them with some potatos, the starch in potatos "neutralize" the inulin. Or if you prefer add a half teaspoon of baking soda in the water you use to boil them. It work's for us.

Why You Might Want to Take It Slow With Sunchokes Bon Appétit
3/20/13 10:55 AM

At home, i took out the two lower drawers, clued a plank on the bottom and put there three big bags for the laundry - white, colour, dark. The two first drawers contain my son pj's, underwear and sockets. On the dresser we have little items but not so much.

Storage Solutions: Dressers in the Bathroom
3/20/13 10:36 AM

@alahoop, i think you're right, but the lack of accessibily of the bed side it's for me a criterium for luxury. And i'm a single person, and I would like to have a two-sided bed - mine is kind of monastical

Minetta's Layered & Luxurious Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/11/13 06:43 PM

It's beautiful lovely cozy... but AT, really, can a room be really luxurious if one of the sleepers has to jump over the other to go in or out bed? Ou that's the reason why it's luxurious?

Minetta's Layered & Luxurious Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/11/13 01:22 PM

On lentils specially.

Chorizo Spice Mix: Not Just for Sausages
3/9/13 05:10 AM

It's a really nice combination, but i think the cousion would be better lower so we could still see the little "butterfly" in wood behind.

Before & After: A Wooden Bench Goes Bright
3/7/13 11:29 AM

The green grass carpet would be my choice too, it's kind of neutral - vs pink- and green is a shooting colour I would welcome in a kid's room

Fun Rug to Match Kids Bedding? Good Questions
3/5/13 09:18 AM