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Volunteer! I've found I need some sort of forced repetitive contact to establish friendships. (Like yoga classes as moshee suggested.) For me (in Atlanta, too), volunteering to help with a neighborhood festival allowed me to meet neighbors, but it also let me get to know them in a non-date-like setting where new friendships could develop naturally. Also, at the meetings we all had to talk to participate. I'm a bit introverted, so this was key for me. Welcome to Atlanta, and I hope you love it! I do--mostly thanks to the friendly folks.

Building Community: 5 Great Ways to
Meet Your Neighbors

8/28/13 01:40 PM

I have no design expertise. Zero. But, I have one success story and it may fit here. I had a very similar bathroom dilemma. Natural colored cabinet, stone AND marble flooring, separate tile color/pattern in the shower, all combined with a different color granite counter top. It was also a very small bathroom. I called it Early 21st Century Tile Salesman Comes Home to Bathe, Smiles. (I frowned.) The success was in choosing the only color these all had in common (gray, in my case), and painting the walls a light shade of that gray and the cabinets a dark shade. In my case, this made a huge difference in blending the chaos into something livable until I could replace some components. Good luck!

Colors for Cabinets & Wall To Look Less Heavy? Good Questions
7/5/12 01:09 PM