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At last a post about the most livable city in Canada (North America?) in terms of cost of living, culture and food!

A few notes:
If a byow (bring your own wine, or beer, or in some places almost anything) restaurant charges you corkage you are in the wrong place.

Check out the bixi bike network as another transit option. Having a station nearby is key even if you have your own bike. It is also a good indication of the most bikable parts of the city

Yes July 1 leases the norm but the rental market is flexible and it is very easy to transfer a lease (1 form you can find on the internet). Apparently the July 1 date is to prevent people from celebrating Canada day but that is unconfirmed. July 1 is also the best day to go furniture hunting as people put out things on the sidewalk they don't want to move (exercise the normal b. bug caution) but you will not be able to rent a truck for love or money.

Little Italy/Rosemont is just north of the Mile End neighbourhood and a great place to live with reasonable rent and lots of great ethnic restaurants. While not yet lovely, Parc extension has cheap rental prices, easy bike, pedestrian, bus, metro and car access and might be home to a new UdM student housing complex. There are a number of new condo developments in the area and Parc Jarry is great (esp. if you like tennis).

Another cheaper but proximal neighbourhood is the island of Verdun. There are excellent bike paths along the canal that lead into downtown, metro and transit access. The Atwater market is nearby and is excellent. This is an older neighbourhood that is being slowly gentrified but is maybe slightly rougher than others mentioned here (which still makes it very safe).

The old port is very difficult to access in the winter because of all the snow so don't rely on anything but the metro. It is also difficult to access in the summer because of the tourists and there is a marked increase in the price of everything in that area and fewer amenities such as grocery stores and markets.

Watch out because lots of apts are listed as part of the Plateau to attract hits but can be kilometres away.

Winters are dark so avoid apartments with only a north facing windows because come February you will be SAD (suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder).

There are a few known slumlords, google the name of your landlord or check with the city or university housing offices if you are suspicious. Also don't hesitate to make modifications to the lease with the landlord if there is anything that needs to be done, if you don't make a point of bringing up problems at that point you are dependent on the will of the landlord...

If you are a cyclist make sure you have an indoor place to store/lock your bike because a) you probably won't be biking in January and b) Montreal has a very high rate of bike theft. Even shared garages, sheds, etc... aren't immune. Whenever your bike is out of your sight you have to entertain the possibility that it is gone. That being said, there are lots of used bikes for sale and police auctions are a great place to find one.

Enjoy! Montreal apartments are highly varied and you are sure to find something delightful and unique. Prepare to hang out on your balcony (summers are pretty sticky) with a cold pitcher of Sangria or wonderful local beer, cheese and a baguette and take in the wonderful city.

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3/26/13 02:13 PM

Another useful perspective to read before jumping on the hot "eco" topic of the week: http://bearwitnesspictures.blogspot.ca/2012/11/an-open-letter-to-npr-regarding-quinoa.html

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Ack! Don't judge Canadian cheese by only one producer! Try Quebec for some truly spectacular creations. The abbaye Stint- Benoit-du-Lac or la fromagerie Fritz Kaiser or the many triple creams that are floating (or sinking) around.

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