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I agree that it shouldn't be too hard to find a matching stain, but you could also go with gold / silver / bronze leafing. Even just spray painting the little pieces and putting an antique glaze on top of that might work well. Either way, it's trail and error until you find something that fits your style. Good Luck!

Ideas for Replacing Missing Molding on Beloved China Cabinet? Good Questions
3/5/14 09:05 AM

Do you think this was caused by the heat from the fireplace? I just bought a couple of these frames (I'm not using them above a fireplace) and I would hate for this to happen after only a year of use.

I'd say glue the frame to the glass + use the eye hook and wire trick if you're able. Can't go wrong with both :)

Ideas for Fixing a Sagging Frame? Good Questions
1/15/14 01:41 PM

Love this room, really, I love everything in it & I love supporting local artist - Asheville has a lot of them! I am a little curious about the baby hammock though. What do you do once the baby can roll over / pull up on the sides? I'm guessing this will only be used for a few months or so.

An Eclectic Gender-Neutral Nursery My Room
7/3/13 02:53 PM

It was all my mom's idea. Just paper towel rolls + hot glue gun + beans / candy. It took a long time to put them together, but we will use 3 of them again for the next kid :)

Best Kids Parties: Korean Dol My Party
5/23/13 09:56 PM

As a momma of 2 little ones, I have put the names of my children in each of their rooms. I LOVE name art, but it was more of a comfort thing when I was decorating each nursery.

The baby had not arrived yet and I had no idea what they would look like, so all I had was a name. It was comforting to walk into the nursery before they were born and see their name up on the wall. :)

On the Wall: Name Displays for Children's Rooms
5/21/13 10:17 AM