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My best moving tip (although it may seem a little expensive) is to buy the plastic storage bins. Sterilite ones are cheap at Wal-mart (or Target), and they run sales. They can be used time and time again for different things (storage, moving, washing the car, dog, etc.), and they "can" last a lifetime if you take care of them. If you are from a large family and all of you all are local, you all can check-out/trade off using the boxes. Anyway, they are stackable when not in use. I am in my 3rd move in my adult life (Somewhere across country; don't know where yet), and this is my best investment.

I have a few left from my second move to where I am now (KC), and they ahve come in handy. One thing I am doing this time is going with color codes for different areas of the house: Navy for all of my clothing, shoes, personal etc., tan for all public spaces, and grey/silver for the kitchen. It will be great in the long run, as whomever moves me should not be confused as to what goes where. I will be buying the "fragile-labeled" tape from Amazon for fragile items, (Even with the plastic bins). This is the first time I have ever packed myself (previously my companies moved me and hired professional moves), so it is a healing, clearing, clarifying, and self-convicting process. We are greedy and we hoard things (Even for someone like me who likes to purge). Needless to say, I have been humbled.....

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7/4/12 11:40 AM