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"Don't expect to run out and get a random person to take over your lease for the last couple of months. Many landlords (ourselves included) don't allow subletting."

I don't understand this one, myself. If we are willing to save you the work of looking for a tenant, show the place, put in the time to find a tenant who is interested, then assuming they pass a credit check, why would you not be OK with a sublet? Why would you rather the property sit empty? Why not show a little kindness to your tenants and understanding that life does not always happen in tidy pre-planned 12-month increments?

Tips for Breaking a Lease Agreement:
A Landlord's Perspective

1/13/13 01:56 PM

UGH, all these snarky "If you want to make improvements, then buy" comments. I am sure 99% of the renters on this forum would love to, but we aren't yet in a financial position to do so. Way to kick people when they're down. Just because we are renters doesn't mean we are sub-humans who should never even dare to think about improving our living space. It is worth at least trying.

As for "your landlord worked to install the existing stuff," maybe, maybe not. Our landlord is currently trying to flip our apartment and the 20-year-old, ripped, stained, dog-pee-smelling, ugly-ass brown carpet was just one more item he wasn't required by law to upgrade during his brief period of ownership. We're not going to be here long enough to justify making an investment, but I wouldn't exactly feel like I was destroying someone's careful work if we did tear up the carpet.

Working on a Rental Without Permission
7/12/12 02:46 PM