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well, you guys just made my weekend. Thanks!

5 Must-View Indie Movies on Netflix
4/2/13 11:57 AM

man, kivik loveseat and chaise lounge. its been a year with two huge dogs, and its amazing. clean/square lines, washable duvet cover, 10 year warranty. We even switched out the low block feet for a more MCM tapered leg. The matching ottoman stores blankets too. Oh, and you can actually change the whole color of the couch one day by purchasing other covers.

Picking The Perfect Couch: A Timeline of Couches That Didn't Last
8/29/12 05:20 PM

why not drawers?

Hide Your Remotes & Controllers Inside Lift-top Coffee Tables
7/17/12 10:33 AM

me-OW, we got some cats in this comment post! In lighter news, Molly Mutt is a really awesome company. My doberman loves the duvets that I stuff with my older pillows and I love the patterns that I can change out when I do my weekly laundry (hello chevron!)

Raise the Woof: Stylish Modern Dog Crates for Small Spaces
7/12/12 11:15 AM

KKKKaren has it just right: I am waiting for my place to tell me what to do. Going through my daily routines will let me know exactly where a shelf would be necessary, what window is perfect for reading, and just exactly what makes me smile the most. Anything we do not 'fall in love with' is never brought into our home. It has to speak to us and make me grin every time is see it.

An Argument for Slow Decorating
7/6/12 01:47 PM

Well, its got to be the RIGHT small town. The one in the photo looks charming! I live in a small town in Wyoming, and there are no cute, local shops since there's no one for miles (2hr drive to a mall) to support it. If you want to buy underwear, you have to go to the only place in town -- Walmart.

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 04:07 PM