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The commenters above are absolutely correct. In Europe, the eggs are not refrigerated, because the protective film has not been washed off. In the US, government regulations mandate that they must be washed, and then sadly they have to be refrigerated to keep them fresh. Which is a shame.

Culinary School Makes Me Wonder Why I Refrigerate My Eggs Culinary School Diaries
7/24/14 09:52 PM

It really depends on where you are. I've been looking at 1-bedrooms in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the monthly maintenance fees can be anywhere from $350 up to $1600 a month--forever. So it doesn't always make sense to buy instead of rent when you add that to the monthly cost of the mortgage.

All The Single Ladies... Are Investing In Home Equity
7/22/14 10:34 AM

The one thing I've carried with me everywhere--the same thing my parents used throughout their lives too--is an old-fashioned cast iron frying pan. Properly seasoned it lasts forever, and you can cook almost anything in it. I've got Creuset, Calphalon and All-Clad, yet find myself reaching just as often for the Lodge.

About the Dyson--my husband bought ours, raves about it, and does all the vacuuming. Men must be strangely attracted to it, and as others say upthread, the amount of stuff it picks up is scary.

Upgrade-Worthy: 5 Cheap Household Items Worth Replacing (When You Can)
7/12/14 02:35 PM

It's funny, but whenever I hear "Portland," I think it's Maine.

Renting Done Right: 10 Charming Portland Tours
7/9/14 10:32 PM

I find the comments so interesting. I took it completely differently, more as to do with not having to compromise one's living space decisions with a roommate (whether a partner or a friend), and so having complete freedom on design choices. Single-minded.

Singular Style: Inspirational House Tours from Women Living On Their Own
7/2/14 10:31 AM

Count me in among the thin towel lovers. I like rougher textures too. They dry you off better, dry on the rod faster. I recently tried to find thinner towels, and in every store I went to they thought I'd lost my mind when I said I don't want thick towels. Why are all the thick towels called "thirsty"? They don't soak up water that well. I recently bought some really cheap Ikea towels, and like them much more than the others.

A little tip: using fabric softener puts a coating on the towels, making them less absorbent.

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Towels
6/14/14 08:46 AM

Shabby chic is a style. Although it was originally based on using worn, cottage type materials found in English homes, the term now means things with that particular look even if they aren't vintage. You can check out the website, HGTV's ideas on shabby chic. Target even has a product line called Simply Shabby Chic.

The Look for Less: Madelyn's Bedroom on a Budget
5/9/14 01:23 PM

Not sure what it's like in Atlanta, but in these parts the snow only recently melted, the grass is brown and there's mud everywhere. Flowers, shrubs and green grass are a distant dream. Lovely photos, though.

Take Photos of Your Home: Right Now (Even If You Aren't Planning on Selling Yet)
4/22/14 03:14 PM

I think that "trending" is a code word for "white people finally discovered what others have been eating for generations." Even in the north, where for many communities they have always been eaten. Although raw seems to me to be a strange trend for collards and kale.

Recipe: Collard Green Salad with Strawberries & Tahini Dressing Recipes from The Kitchn
4/15/14 10:31 AM

I agree about the coldness of the Luckenwalde library, but I was entranced by the others, and the fact that they seem to hold the worlds's knowledge, often majestically.

There are different kinds of libraries: those that hold a country's or a university's collected works and make them available to scholars and other readers. The small, local library is a different entity with a different purpose altogether, and they often don't own the books I want to use. But SherryBinNH, I would suggest that all libraries cater to "real" people.

Love Books? Check Out This One About Beautiful Libraries Design News
4/7/14 05:12 PM

The April Fool's jokes all over AT today are such a blast! And like others, it's fun to see how many posters don't get it, while the others are cracking up. I think this was my favorite day ever on AT.

Before & After: This Busted Bed Gets Beautiful
4/1/14 05:05 PM

Like others, I'm surprised by the judgmental comments, or the assumption that having alcohol out equates to being a heavy drinker. One of the things I always liked when I lived abroad was the way that the bottles often lived comfortably on a tray or cart in the living area, and were simply a part of the home, rather than a statement about drinking too much. I found them very attractive, no matter what the brand. I wonder if the comments are uniquely American responses?

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/13/14 09:06 AM

J&H, the curtain obviously goes inside the tub when you're showering! Leaving it outside between showers, as in the photo, is more attractive and help the curtain dry better between showers.

Alternatives to Vinyl Shower Curtain Liners (and a Water-Repelling Tip)
2/12/14 09:58 AM

Spinal Tap is great! But a word about those famous rock star contract riders: apparently lawyers and managers or stars themselves put in arcane and bizarre ones not to satisfy the whims of the performers, but to see how carefully the venues read the contracts. If they missed the strange ones in these riders, then the chances were great that they will also miss the important ones about sound, equipment, etc. This explains it:

Big Cold Cuts, Small Bread and This is Spinal Tap The Celluloid Pantry
1/6/14 09:57 AM

I agree with seawhitney. How big are these boys that they each need a full-sized bed? In the old days, that's the size bed that parents shared. In fact, in apartments, many parents still do.

A Modern Mountain Room for Brothers Professional Project
12/18/13 04:48 PM

We've owned houses in cold climates for years, are knowledgeable about maintenance, and always make sure the outdoor faucets are turned off. But neither of us has ever heard the term "hose bib" before! Can you tell us what it is?

Do It Now: Be Sure to Shut Off Your Hose Bibs for the Winter
12/11/13 11:15 AM

LyonStill, "apartment" in New York doesn't mean it's a rental.

Before & After: Lisa's Brooklyn Kitchen
Makeover on a Budget

12/10/13 05:12 PM

Love the modern Orla Kiely wallpaper. I'm more used to see this pattern on bedding and small items, but this really stands out on a wall and gives the room a lot of visual interest.

Budget Before & After: 1980s Kitchen Ditches Its Dated Past
12/10/13 05:03 PM

Stains in a porcelain tub like this are a result of the finish wearing off. There is really not much that can be done to remove the stains. According to my plumber, the worst thing one can do with a porcelain tub is clean it with something abrasive, like scouring powder. Since this is a rental, this is probably the result of so many tenants over the years scouring it, and wearing down the finish. As I discovered in my own home (with a claw foot tub, which I love since I love baths on occasion), the only thing that can fix it is to have the tub refinished. That said, as someone above mentioned, stains won't hurt you.

Tips for Improving Shower in Rental? Good Questions
12/10/13 10:34 AM

I always send (and receive) thank you notes in the mail, from children and adults. It means so much more, especially if it's a nice card that was specially made or selected. And following another posting--the same goes for Christmas cards and birthday cards, which can be set out appreciated over a longer time, rather than being a fleeting moment on a computer. It makes whatever you're being thanked for more valued.

Is Letter Writing Dead?
11/18/13 09:29 AM