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I just moved back to California after living in Manhattan for awhile where the summer smells of the city streets can be overwhelming and not in that delightfully heady way like the lilacs at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Memories of California always smelled like orange blossoms, salty air, jasmine, eucalyptus, coastal sage scrub and bbq's.

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6/18/08 02:06 PM

I lived in a loft in Manhattan where the bedroom was right above the kitchen. My boyfriend loved to roast a chicken in the oven, but the smells seemed to permeate the upstairs bedroom and, maybe I imagined it, even the sheets smelled chickeny. Even with the fan on and the windows open I would have difficulty sleeping in the thickly scented chicken air. I tried the vinegar in a bowl trick, but that didn't really help so one night I simmered cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, a dash of vanilla extract and fresh sliced ginger. The exotic scent wafted through the whole house and smelled a little like Christmas and made sleep that much sweeter.

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6/18/08 01:40 PM