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When I move to Europe this is definitely the type of home I hope to have. I just adore it! The bedroom and rooftop bath really cater to a voyeuristic lifestyle. I would LOVE love LoVe it if the US were as comfortable with nudity and living openly as other nations.
My apt is on the 12th floor and I never close my blinds. Visitors are always afraid someone will see us inside or they wonder how I can walk around naked after a bath. lol. I love my view and I love nudity (and the chance of someone seeing me...haha) so I refrain from covering the windows. We have to be naughty sometimes, don't we? It's fun...

Apartment Therapy New York | A Four Room House in Belgium
4/2/09 10:37 AM

Good morning!
I appreciate each and every post created by the staff of Apartment Therapy, repeat or not. I wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into bringing inspiring ideas into our lives.

For the daily readers who apparently remember everything posted from way back in the day: is it just that hard to skip over a post concerning a topic that may have already been addressed? Not only does it seems like a huge waste of energy to comment about a repeat, but you are not encouraging the pleasant and open environment that AT seems to promote. Why not let other members of the community enjoy the post particularly if we don't spend hours on end searching through the older posts of AT to find the original post and actually prove that it is a repeat? Or is complaining just fun for you? Hmm…

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Back To Back Malm Dressers
3/17/09 09:21 AM

Just to share a random thought, I am the complete opposite of my mother. Growing up in our traditional Polish home every single window had both miniblinds and shears. Of course, verticals and shears were used in both the huge windows of the dining and living rooms. I always had this urge to sit in between the vertical and the window. Now that I have my own apartment, I refuse to put anything up because I want to be free! haha. Recently I have been considering some kind of fabric since the winter wind in Cleveland seems to blow right through my windows.

What do you do during the winter months to keep the cold wind out?


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Obscuring the View From Outside?
11/21/08 10:14 AM

I SO agree with Kimber! My ex-bf just moved out and now I have a decently sized closet available all to myself. I was going to convert it into my shoe closet top to bottom, but now my brain is just inventing the decor of a bunch of hideaways. My apartment is big enough (1100 sq. ft.) that I don't need to convert every nook into something, but how fantastic would that be?! What do I do? What do I do?


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What's In This Closet?
11/21/08 10:06 AM

Regarding my previous comment and those in response:

I do agree that it is a unique piece particularly from an analytical art perspective. Although I can not believe that it was featured in a decor mag. Other than it being weird, I just don't see how someone could pick this out as a decorative piece. Conversation starter-obviously...look at the discussion it has spurred here! Whether I like it or not is now void, I'm thoroughly enjoying the conversation.

" I see no difference here whether the dolls wear panties or not. They´re dolls. " KatiaG
-If that were the case, Ken and Barbie would still be mass produced without the imprints of undergarments. Growing up with Barbie, I remember getting a new Barbie and taking her day dress off to change her into an evening gown and low and behold she had imprinted panties. I then of course stripped down new Ken to see if his oddly shaped bump was still there and it was not. He too was now forced to wear tighty whities. Needless to say, their rendevouzs in the barbie camper no longer continued...
-So other than me being curious about sex very early on (and my career interests in reproductive research and sex therapy) what do you make of that? I think children are exposed to sexual inuendos very early on and the general public does not think about it. My major qualm with this piece is that we have no control over what a child will think and take from such a controversial piece.

" Would this chandelier be equally offensive if made of, say, toy dogs? " KatiaG
-Probably not because dogs are not humans.
-Would it be equally offensive if made of shirtless Ken? Naked pre-imprinted underwear Ken just hanging by his neck in a child's playroom or even in the hallway of someone's home? I absolutely think so. Although, I think people would see it more so vulgar than creepy because of the gender difference.
-I of course could be wrong here. What do you think?

" I don't recall anybody ever objecting to the symbolism of little girls' licking icing off of Barbie's naked body. " magnaverde
-I am not going to lie here...I have never seen that happen nor have I ever actually attended a child's bday party that had one of those cakes. For most people that would probably not be out of the ordinary. There is frosting on something - lick it off.
-But you physically putting that image into words makes it sound perverted. Don't you agree? Say that sentence out loud and think about it.

p.s.- I hope no one took offense to anything I said. I am truly interested in hearing the opinions of others and I love to discuss...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Doll Chandelier
9/23/08 10:27 AM


The reason people are freaked out is because it is creepy.

Don't know that this is ULTRA creepy.

This is clearly not a trend worth defending unless you are actually inspired-which is hard to believe. These chandeliers are actually making me feel uneasy. Obviously the point of art is to evoke emotion in its observer so I can see an example of this placed in an art show making a social/political comment, but definitely not in a little girls room. Unless of course we would like to demonstrate the objectification of women at an earlier age than children are indeed exposed to already.

Just look at the bottom right hand photo: the outfits are reminiscent of 50's lingerie and luckily the dolls are wearing panties. Rather than a whimsical feeling, my mind keeps pushing me to remember Gia the supermodel turned druggie who died in her early 20’s. It must be the pale, barely clothed, and used appearance of each of these dolls. I know that these comments may seem extreme since children do not analyze things as much as adults do, but there are things from my childhood that I look back upon and think 'hmmm...probably should not have been exposed to that' although it seemed completely normal at the time. And let us remember that the majority of commentators here do not even feel this seems normal now.

Not to digress too much, but luckily the toy industry realized over the course of the 90’s that Barbie and other toys geared for girls need to reflect a positive image of women. So, rather than the once controversial ‘Pregnant Barbie’, we are seeing ‘Business Barbie’. If those grotesquely strung dolls had beautiful ball gowns on or were all dressed to represent career choices, the chandelier may be more appealing to most.


I'm curious to know what your thoughts were when seeing this? Based on your posting history this is way out of the blue.


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Doll Chandelier
9/23/08 05:15 AM

I'm at work sneaking a peak into this great conversation starter and have enough to say that I'll be back later commenting, but the one thing that sticks out the most is that my tea kettle MUST sit on the right hand back burner filled with 3/4 water at ALL points in time. Growing up I had no clue why my Mom insisted on it, but I've fallen into the same tea kettle trap! I still have NO clue why we do this, but If I see the kettle from another room and it isn't positioned/filled properly I have to stop everything I'm doing and fix it. My kitchen is always sanitized and spotless, but in general it seems as though the rest of the kitchen can be crazy as long as my tea kettle is in the proper spot with enough water.

Crazy, I know.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Do You Have Your Parent's Decorating Habits?
9/19/08 04:53 AM

While studying in Ecuador, I traveled to Otavalo and had the best raspberry ice cream I have ever had. It was made by hand in a large metal plate/bowl. I think it was too flat to acutally be considered a bowl, but curved enough to not be a plate. In any case, I feel that ice cream THAT good can only be made by hand. I'd love to learn how to make something remnant of that taste!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz
8/29/08 12:12 PM

That surprisingly looks like my apartment building. Of course, the sky in Cleveland never looks like that...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Apartment Block Photograph by Mark Wallace
8/29/08 12:03 PM

This definitely reminds me of the tables cadavers are laid on for dissection.

Since I'm in the medical field this is awkwardly appealing to me, but I'm sure it would freak my guests out. lol.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Riveted Metal Coffee Table by Wisteria
8/8/08 04:20 PM

Quiltmaster, I'm wondering if you decided on the high contrast or low contrast. I am glad that you found some inspiration in my post! I really do love blik and think their ideas are great. I have actually been trying to find a roll of the vinyl they use so that I could design my own decals. I can't imagine that it is very difficult and since I'm quite crafty/artsy, I would love to bring some of my ideas to life.

Apartment Therapy New York | ODDA Storage Unit and Coat Rack from IKEA
7/8/08 11:25 AM

I'm a bit surprised that the response to this piece thus far has been negative! Surprised enough that I actually created an account and am now able to comment on everything :)

My first thought was literally, "I love it", and then I opened this page only to love it more. This is exactly what I have been looking for to fit in my landing strip. The red, black, and white match my decor which is mostly black/white with red accents. I particularly like this unit because I've been dreaming of something that my boyfriend can throw his work clothes into just as he enters my apartment (considering he works with fiber glass, I want it isolated). At the moment his clothes are in a laundry basket by the door, i.e. a style eye sore that needs to be moved when someone stops by.

In addition, I decorated that landing strip area with Blik's "Ambition killed the cat-black on white wall" , but I still feel it's just not balanced appropriately. This unit may just fit with it's tree/outdoor appearance.

I'm seriously excited here. If I end up purchasing it I will be sure to submit some pictures!

Apartment Therapy New York | ODDA Storage Unit and Coat Rack from IKEA
6/18/08 01:29 PM