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Several years ago, I saw a post that suggested purchasing "bar mops" for the kitchen. I buy about a dozen a year. I use them in place of paper towels and dish cloths. I also use them for wiping up spills and cleaning and also for "hand towels". They are terrific. About $1 each. After EACH use, they are tossed into the was with other towels. After about a year, they get grungy in color so I buy more.

As for sponges, never use them, nor do I use dish cloths. I have a thing about germs! If you use sponges, go to a Dollar store and buy new more often. As for my sink, I never use it for washing dishes or preparing food. I use a dish basin or large bowl. My husband dumps what's left in his coffee maker in the sink. It's amazing how quickly my stainless steel sink gets a "coating" of whatever it is. And he drinks that stuff? (I don't!)

Vinegar is an amazing product! I use vinegar in my dishwasher's rinsing dispenser. No more spots. I didn't have white vinegar (which the article I read recommended) and used apple cider vinegar. No spots.

Have a healthy and safe holiday week!

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