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Zito Creti...happy nesting.

Elena's Crete Cave House Call
7/22/14 09:26 AM

Ziti Creti and happy nesting!

Elena's Crete Cave House Call
7/22/14 09:22 AM

Oops, nesting.

Abigail Ahern's Dark and Dramatic East London Home House Tour
7/22/14 04:16 AM

Love her style and her courage. Happy Nezting.

Abigail Ahern's Dark and Dramatic East London Home House Tour
7/22/14 04:16 AM

We call the Philodendron plant, fro in our nest. It grows and grows--it even roots itself into our carpet!

5 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants
1/13/14 08:36 PM

I can't get enough of these cheery photos of this nest! Happy Nesting.

Natalie & Seth's Organic Modern Home House Tour
1/9/14 12:14 AM

Home sweet little home. Happy Nesting!

Little Green House: A Whole Family in 540 Square Feet Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
10/20/13 11:22 AM

Really? My biggest concern is that they are toxic. If one breaks, you should open up windows and evacuate! Can you imagine how toxic we have made our planet with just LED alone. Do people really dispose of them properly?

Best of the Bulbs: 2013 LED Light Bulb Buyers Guide Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
6/23/13 12:37 AM

Touche (as in the fencing term) Daddy! I'm sure your little princess loves her princess bed. One piece of advice if I may...remove the mirror in the bedroom--at least never have it face the bed. In feng shui, when the sleeper's spirit rises at night it will be shocked coming face to face with her own image. Happy Nesting!

How To Make a Simple Princess Bed Apartment Therapy Tutorials
6/7/13 01:56 AM

Viva la succulents! Happy Nesting.

How To Propagate Cacti & Succulents Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/19/13 11:24 AM

Just leave your nest a mess and when you arrive in the evening pour a glass of wine before cleaning up and making dinner and getting everything by the door for the next day. I can't win in the morning no matter how early I get up so I stopped stressing about the morning clean up. Happy Nesting.

Transition Spaces: Entryway, Mudroom & Landing Strip Inspiration for Families
5/12/13 03:39 AM

The transformation is incredible--kudos to your vision and to a sustainable lifestyle. If only we could all stop with the lawns especially in dry parts of the world. (so much more interesting!) Happy Nesting.

Before & After: Steve's City Grocery Garden The Gardenist
4/13/13 12:35 PM

Did someone say craigslist? Used funriture check out this wagon wheel table...

The Ten Commandments of Used Furniture
3/3/13 01:45 AM

Would have loved to be a child growing up in this opportunistic laboratory. How imaginative I would have been! And that record player how fun! The endless dance parties...enjoy your nest!

Rohde's \"Opportunistic\" Design Laboratory House Tour
2/24/13 11:33 AM

Don't forget Lunch Time for a Purple Snake

20 Kids' Books About Color
2/24/13 02:42 AM

How Convenient Urban Pixels!

Can I Stream It? Helps You Find
Where and What's Available Online

2/6/13 12:53 AM

The colors remind me of the Cycladic Islands.

The Happy Mundane Beach House Office Lifework
1/4/13 11:04 PM

Embrace the Green!

Green Style: John Berg's Springs House
1/3/13 05:16 PM

Brilliant Idea and Brilliant Delivery!

Aaaaah! A Modern Thanksgiving with Friends
1/3/13 05:13 PM


Strategies for (Very) Big Holiday Gatherings In a Small (ish) Home
1/3/13 04:54 PM