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Our friends tied the knot 2 summers ago in the Finger Lakes region of NY. We are all from the NYC metro area, so getting out "into the country" was great in itself. The wedding was held at an old farm house turned B&B, and the couple exchanged vows on the back porch. They had a local bluegrass band play before the ceremony and afterwards, which was soooo nice! The reception was held in a large, open tent on the farm grounds, and was catered by a local and well-known BBQ restaurant. The DJ/MC they hired was absolutely awful and they ended up asking him to leave before the food was even out, so we all grabbed our phones and rotated DJ duties for the remainder of the evening. We have never danced so much at a wedding or had so much fun! We're currently planning our own wedding for next fall, and plan on echoing elements of theirs because it was just so darned awesome. :)

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6/12/13 10:09 AM

Where, oh, where is that bedding from??

This room is exactly what I have been wanting to do with ours - love, love, love it!!!

Liz's Cozy Retreat Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/22/13 02:14 PM

I lived in a big, well worn house that was "perfect" for my roommate and I; we had more than enough space, the landlord allowed us general liberties like fixing up the yard and repainting the ugly walls left by the old tenants, he was okay with our dog and didn't really bother us much.

But, our landlord (not-so-fondly dubbed Mr. Burns), would kick and scream and insist we were destroying the place whenever something needed to be fixed. Leaking roof? Must have been our fault. Basement door hinges were so rusted that they actually crumbled, rendering the exit (read: fire exit) unusable? Our fault. Windows wouldn't open or close because they had so very many layers of paint (and many were cracked when we moved in)? We did that. Awning got ripped off in a hurricane and landed in the neighbor's yard, as well as an old antenna on our roof? Our responsibility to clean up. House got broken into and we were robbed because interior door locks were used on outside doors? We'll have to pay for new, strong locks if that's what we feel like we want.

And then the maintenance guy decided he needed to move in with us because his wife kicked him out of his house (he showed up and asked to move into our basement with all of his belongings). When we told him no, he left his things in our garage and left the country. And guess who the landlord told us was responsible for moving those belongings? :) You know who.

Seriously, people. Just because the rent is reasonable and you get a lot of square feet for your buck does NOT mean it's worthwhile. Honestly, I don't know why we stayed for so long and we all celebrated the moment we left (we also dug up all of our plants and took them with us).

Landlords: The Good, Bad, and the Bizarre
3/14/13 02:29 PM

@tenbar, you're in luck! sort of not really. i just stumbled upon her chairs on our north jersey craigslist for $600 for the set.

i love the chairs, i plan on doing the same with mine. i just won't be buying them for that price!

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Cane Chair Makeover

3/12/13 02:54 PM

what happens when a vermont cabin, a modern art museum, and austin have a baby? it looks like this. and i LOVE it. well done!

Sam & Anne's Cozy Modern Blend House Tour
3/1/13 10:32 AM

A group of us hand painted a sky ceiling in our friend's son's nursery almost 4 years ago. The clouds looked great, but her son was terrified of them (from about when he was a year old on). Now that he's a little bit older, he was able to explain he doesn't like the clouds because they "watch him" - turns out that we unintentionally painted a scary face into one of the clouds that is only noticeable at night and was RIGHT across from his bed, the poor thing!

Long story short, sky ceilings are great.. just be mindful of what the paint does in different lighting!!

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2/26/13 01:52 PM