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The turquoise wouldn't have been my first choice, but it is growing on me. I do love how bright and open it looks.

I know exactly where I would find my cats in that kitchen...

Before & After: A Bright, Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Makeover Under $1500
6/23/14 10:19 AM

Timely article since I just moved this weekend to a new side of the city.

I will miss about my old home:
- the giant 'master' bedroom and huge closet (new bedroom is teeeeeeensy and has no closet space).
- the layout of my small but functional kitchen (new kitchen has potential with some effort).
- the huge window that opened (new window does not open).

What I am looking forward to:
- huge backyard with space for a real garden!!
- inground pool
- 3 minute drive (or 20 minute walk) to work
- garage
- liveable space in the basement

Moving Questions: What Will You Miss/Look Forward To Most?
6/4/14 02:06 PM

Until I was in high school I had a twin bed (homemade bunk beds!!!) since my room doubled as the guest room (usually for my grandmother). Once I hit high school I upgraded to a futon (and a different bedroom).

Pretty good investment since I still have the frame 20 years later.

Tell Us: Do Your Kids Have Twin or Double Beds?
5/1/14 02:04 PM

My (somewhat poorly designed) current kitchen has 2 upper cabinets. One large one for plates and glassware and one teensy tiny useless one above the fridge (mostly a hidey hole for the cats).

I enjoy the windows (we have 2 in the space), but I also like being able to store kitchen things in the kitchen, instead of in other rooms.

Renovation Inspiration: 10 Beautiful Kitchens with No Upper Cabinets
5/1/14 01:47 PM

Glass has a transparent option you know.

Before & After: A Dowdy Dresser Gets Hawaii-Ready
2/15/14 04:03 PM

According to the facebook post there is glass attached to the hinges. There is also a comment that the doors were infested with termites, which is why they were removed.

Mystery solved.

Before & After: A Dowdy Dresser Gets Hawaii-Ready
2/15/14 12:20 PM

I'm trying to find a (preferably) light grey or off white that goes with faux black granite counter top. I like the white cabinets, but the boyfriend is SO MESSY and I end up having to wash each cabinet every day. Can't afford to replace them, so may as well repaint them.

I was hoping that grey would hide the grunge :)

Easy on the Eyes: 5 Gray & Cream Kitchens (And the Perfect Off-White Paint Color) Kitchen Inspiration
2/13/14 09:20 AM

We were toying with the idea of getting our ducts cleaned.

At the local hardware store we found vent covers with filters on them that go over the air intake vents. Those have made a huge difference for us for a fraction of the cost. We also make sure to change our furnace filters regularly and buy good quality ones.

Duct Cleaning: Myth Or Necessity?
1/21/14 10:38 AM

I agree with the not caring about granite and stainless steel appliances (I don't have and will not chose either), but I have to agree to disagree about the hardwood floors. For someone with severe allergies, carpet is not an option. I would think twice about an entirely carpeted home vs one that has hardwood.

5 Things Not To Worry About While House Hunting (and One Unexpected Thing You Probably Should)
11/20/13 03:48 PM

Those aren't clouds. Those are the cinder block Thwomps.

Wonderful idea. I would love to do that for MY room and I'm in my 30s!

Let's-a go!: Super Super Mario Bros. Bedroom Reddit
9/26/13 09:38 AM

Love love love this (except the bear rug, that I do not love).

Deans Court: William & Ali's Ancestral Home House Tour
9/18/13 02:00 PM

Looks like the dry erase marker...

Before & After: Boring Dresser Gets Extra-Special Facelift
9/13/13 12:22 PM

The kid is 5. I highly doubt he's going to be writing essays. They aren't going to be 'technologically behind' from a 1 year experiment. I'm in my 30s and I only just got a smartphone 3 months ago and it only took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it. My mom, in her 70s just got a smart phone. If SHE can figure out how to use it, I am fairly certain a kid can pick up new technology quickly enough.

We had a time limit on the nintendo growing up. After homework was done, we got 1 hour between 3 kids (up to us to split it up). After the time limit, it got turned off and off we went outside (although they did let us save first). Computer games were educational and learning opportunities.

So who gave the kid the ipod? The parents. It does sound more like a parenting issue than a technology issue.

Family Decides to Only Use Pre-1986 Technology
9/10/13 10:32 AM

My landlord was a the owner of a house with a basement apartment that my university friend and I rented for our last year of school. I lived there for a year and a half in total (mainly because I couldn't afford anything else). My friend begged and pleaded for us to take this apartment because she didn't want to live in a high rise rental and she thought both him and his dogs were cute.

It was advertised as a 2 bedroom but it was not. He said he was planning on fixing it and making the two rooms bigger, he just hadn't been able to complete it. One bedroom had no doors and was 8 x 6, so when we flipped for it, I ended up sleeping on a futon in the living room. He did eventually fix it about a year after we moved in.

He decided on a whim to remove the tile flooring at the top of the stairway (only entrance/exit) leading to our apartment without letting us know. He had slate flooring installed but they didn't find out if we were home when they sealed it. I got yelled at because I had to walk over it to get out to go write final exams. I almost failed that exam because the smell of the sealant made me sick.

He never answered his phone and left it on vibrate on a glass topped table. It vibrated throughout our entire apartment (he was very popular).

His girlfriends would also park behind our cars in the driveway even though we agreed the left hand side was ours. I was late for work and school often because I couldn't wake them up from their drunken stupors to move their cars.

He also partied every. single. evening from 10 pm - 4 am. Complete with strange girls he would bring home from the bar and very loud music. We constantly complained about the noise (and smells - he was a chain smoker). After some of his friends demanded 'extra payment' for us living in his basement and complaining about the partying, I said forget it and left.

I found out 6 months later he was arrested and charged with credit card fraud. Totally explained why he was shady about his employment when we asked him what he did for a living.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
8/16/13 03:40 PM

When we moved into our house 5 years ago the previous owners left very few useful things.
Dead burnt out lightbulbs
Old dried paint
A large barrel full of used motor oil
bags of garbage
Piles of dog hair
An old rug rolled up in the basement (it smelled)
Musty carpet in the shed
Fridge and stove that died within 2 months of moving in
2 Dirty bathrooms
some crude messages in the closet (not towards us - likely a sister about her brother)
a hole in the closet ceiling
broken power tools

Things that were remotely useful:
Empty paint containers along with a few full ones (but not paint that had been used in the house, which I found odd)
a few wrenches
a box of polyfilla mix
some handmade shelves in the basement

When Previous Homeowners Leave Useful Items Behind
8/14/13 11:17 AM

I just use coconut oil and arrowroot powder (I didn't like the cornstarch) and a small amount of baking soda. Too much gave me a rash and was very uncomfortable for me.

I've been using this for about 3 years and absolutely love it. I don't have a ratio. I just take a scoop of coconut oil and add enough arrowroot powder (and pinch of baking soda) to turn it from solid oil, to a paste. If I find it didn't do the trick that day, I'll add a bit more powder.

It can leave white marks, but nothing a quick rub with a clean towel can't fix.

Quick, Easy, Homemade Deodorant...that Actually Works Apartment Therapy Tutorial
5/8/13 11:39 AM

I also use Swheat Scoop. I have 5 cats and 4 various size litter boxes in my house (which is not large by any means). I scoop 2x a day (more if necessary) and probably don't wash the bins as often as I should. I haven't noticed an odour, nor have any of my friends/family mentioned anything to me.

I love Swheat Scoop. It does track a little bit, but mats help, and I sweep the floor daily anyways (5 cats create a LOT of fur).

Ideal Kitty Litter for Apartment Dwellers? Good Questions
5/2/13 02:02 PM

That is not a house for me.

A Peek Inside the World's Skinniest House
11/7/12 12:26 PM

I have sweet pear in my guest room and I love it. The room has a large south facing window and gets lots of light. The colour is bright, but not overpoweringly so even with all the light the room gets.

I also have dill pickle in my spare bathroom. That one gets no light at all.

The colours showing up on my monitor are not even close to the colours on my wall.

Help Me Choose the Right Color:
10 Paint Possibilities

7/24/12 02:38 PM

We did our reno 2.5 years ago. We did all the work ourselves and were completely broke. We used the existing layout to not have to worry about electrical or plumbing. I sanded, primed and painted the ugly laminate cabinets. The countertop we were planning on replacing the next year (when we got some money) but in the meantime I got one of those faux granite counter top paint kits. It was a lot of work, but looked so great we haven't taken them out yet!

Stove - 800 (new)
Fridge - 350 (new but from a dent and scratch shop)

Range Hood - 80 (on sale!)
Paint/primer - 300 (maybe a bit more)
Wood (to make a shelving unit) - 100
Beadboard and trim - 100

We kept the flooring, sink, faucet (although might get a new faucet this year) and lighting the same. They were all in decent shape and will certainly do for now.

It took us about a month from start to finish, but I'm thrilled that it didn't cost us much and still looks great today.

How Much Did Your Kitchen Renovation Cost?
Reader Intelligence Request

6/28/12 12:21 PM