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comet has always worked for me, but use a rough scrubber. i use it on the drainboard too, but in between i make sure to keep it dry.

HOWEVER, 2 points:

the upper picture above is the ONLY picture i've seen on the web of the under-sink shell that i just took out for the first time in my life (new linoleum coming) and i don't intend to replace it. i feel it should go to a museum.

and, one of the two cast-iron/porcelain legs that support the sink is/has always been missing. i can live without it, but can live more happily with it. since this is an old thread i'll post it as a new question, but if anyone knows where i can get one (24 in.) PLEASE PLEASE post it here.

How To Improve Vintage Cast-Iron/Porcelain Kitchen Sink?
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6/28/12 10:22 AM