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I grew up in NJ, and at the time I was married and living in California. We had just been to NJ the previous week for a quick trip with no time to get into NYC. Driving from the airport and looking at the skyline i said, "well there's the twin towers, unfortunately that's all we'll see of New York this time". On 9/11 we were getting ready for work and (ex) husband's mother called and told us to turn on the news. It didn't seem real.

I went in to work, listening to the news the entire time. Our clients were on the phone from all over the country talking about it, but no one at the office seemed that upset, which was upsetting to me. Eventually I went home.

My first thought was for my cousin who was a fire fighter in jersey. I felt so helpless being so far away. Called his wife and my mom to find out if he was sent in to the city-he wasn't and ended up spending several months on recovery crew. Little did we know that another cousin was there. She and her best friend worked in jersey but for a company based in the WTC. They had gone in to the city for a meeting that day. They never made it out.

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9/11/08 04:48 PM

Love! How do I find the wall color-looks very deep blue/black. And where did you find those great chairs?!

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8/28/08 07:40 PM

I have 2 rescue dogs, one is a German Shepard/Aussie mix and the other a Bluetick mix. We live in a house now. They are great dogs, have traveled a lot and fairly adaptable. I was hoping that someone could give me advice on how to ease them into city life if I get the opportunity to move. They bark at strange noises and I do not want to tick off the neighbors. Also, how to get them used to loud street noise and crowds. Does it just take time? Anyone had experience with this?

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8/23/08 07:00 AM

Love! What is the beautiful grey color by Benjamin Moore?

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8/5/08 03:22 PM

We got together with friends last night as well. (as usual) . A group of us gather for what we call "Lazy Monday". Food is always involved, sometimes movie or games or swimming, but usually we just spend time communing and getting to know others better-great fun

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6/17/08 05:27 PM