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Bauhaus2yourhouse is the webfront of The Malik Gallery in Oakland California. They sell both Bauhaus reproduction furniture and licensed contemporary furniture from Italian manufacturers. I bought the Sintessi Venezia chairs and Italcomma Split chairs from them. As for Bauhaus reproductions, I did not go for my LC3 sofa and armchairs with Cassina, the original licensed manufacturer, but for a reproduction, a very good reproduction from www.artecollection.it. Bauhaus2yourhouse is selling the LC3 reproduction from Prospettive Italy, but as for me, even if I have the money to spend, I would not buy the original if the look of the furniture does not match my personal taste as the Cassina LC3 looks ugly when sat on as shown in this web link where Steve Jobs sits on a licensed Cassina LC3 (http://elitechoice.org/2011/09/16/uber-luxury-lifestyle-furniture-brings-extravagant-furniture-to-korea/). I also would not buy a reproduction that would not last and would not make me happy, so I balance value, quality, look and longevity in my purchases.

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4/28/13 07:41 AM

The Tectona dealer here in the USA is Shadescapes USA (www.shadescapesusa.com), where I jsut bought an Umbrosa Paraflex Umbrella for the patio.

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6/27/12 04:18 PM