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PS for the shelving I was thinking something like this Ikea piece because it's very open, even got glass shelves, or obviously whatever matches the rest of your style:


What To Do with "Dead Man's Land" Space? Good Questions
7/2/12 10:40 AM

Could you do some open shelving, like a unit, the type with no sides that's placed against that wall to the left of the sofa - it would add a bit of visual interest without taking up floor space, and also give you room for a small tray or box to use as a "landing & takeoff" area for car keys, handbag/purse, wallets, etc, the kind of stuff you need running out the door in the morning? A lower area could even be kept for workbags, breifcases, etc.

What To Do with "Dead Man's Land" Space? Good Questions
7/2/12 10:36 AM

"Rooms that are all closed up, blinds down, curtains drawn, especially if it is daylight and there are lights on."

Sparkling before 4pm = crazy b***hes gonna chase me...

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/30/12 05:04 PM

I for one am humbled by this thread... it looks like my cat-poop (aka environment friendly) "Keep Calm and Look At B**ches ####s!" avocado-painted centrepiece won't be making me the income I'd hoped on e-Bay, any time soon...

... we're still okay with plastic handled cutlery from the discount store though - right?

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/30/12 03:21 PM

Sorry I didn't read all the comments but, Sandra Felton, my guru of not being a total slob, says making your bed means the single largest and most intimate piece of furniture in your house, is radiating harmony.

There ya go: we mostly do duvets (comforters I think in the US?) and if you can't be bothered to pull yours up and straighten it, then yeah, you probably have other stuff going on!

Make Your Bed! For Productivity, Profit and Peace
6/30/12 03:10 PM

Hmmmn... bumping the "Design Allergies" hater-bait, while also suggesting we make our own beds?!


I'm onto you mom - you're owning my internets!!!

(How about a "weird design No-No's you've totally seen work" thread?)

Apartment Therapy's Most Popular Posts June 25 - 29, 2012
6/30/12 03:07 PM

@TELLAGRAHAM "I am curious @P&C LONDON, why you call decking slimy and trendy? I am going to take a leap here and guess you are in the UK"

Yes totally, and that has informed my view, I should probably have mentioned that though, so you're right to call me to account on it! ;)

Decking here is basically a woodlice (those nasty, squirmy white ones) and slime-fest haven, I can totally see how in AZ or CA, decking is the bomb! (Can I say that? Will I ever get to fly transatlantic again?! lol!!)

DIY Scrap Wood Bed The Accent Piece
6/30/12 03:02 PM

1st rule of the internet - haters gotta hate. The rest of us are having happy fulfilling lives with our dogs, bare feet and bottoms, chopped liver, and moose-skin chairpads.

Thanks for asking, though. ;o)

Erin & Rob's Stylish & Glam Family Pad House Tour
6/30/12 02:57 PM

Those bathroom tiles are stunning, but why is there not a single thing above that fireplace? Is it a safety issue? Just my personal taste of course, but wanted to ask.

Three Generations Living Together in Beverly Hills House Tour
6/29/12 12:23 PM

My bum cringes just looking at that seat...

An Ergonomic Desk Inspired by Architect Drafting Desks
6/29/12 12:20 PM

It's beautiful, and that's about all I can say - enough detail to be interesting, enough space to be stylish... pleasure to see, thanks!

Maurice's Chicago Timber Loft Office Workspace Tour
6/29/12 12:11 PM

All the "shoes indoors" stuff... i'm frequently in nothing more than boxers indoors in summer, but bring the cameras round and that would change! so I don't think the photos give a clue on this.

I don't wear shoes indoors because barefoot is the way ahead to protect back, arches, and everything else, and that includes running, but that's another topic for another website.

Erin & Rob's Stylish & Glam Family Pad House Tour
6/29/12 11:32 AM

I winder about frost as well... shame they've not taken advantage of the way copper repels slugs & snails in some way, to keep the nasties off your herbs - solid copper planters would be $$$ but a thin strip here and there might work?

@Pamela at ClockworkCrow I'd never heard of rubber mulch until today, but it's the kind of thing I might have been drawn to, so thanks for that tip on avoiding it! Sounds nasty when you think about it.

Creating a Buried Pot Garden
6/29/12 11:25 AM

Beautiful! As an aside, I hate decking with a passion (slimy trendy rubbish) so even better to see the wood getting a chance to shine a second time round!

DIY Scrap Wood Bed The Accent Piece
6/29/12 11:20 AM

Yup, after I posted I realised I agree with EJBRAMMER - do we get this level of sniping when someone blows $20 on a throw pillow, that won't even give joy to an innocent animal?

Or $20 on paints and varnishes that are deeply toxic from manufacture to decomposition, just because they're the "in" look right now?

If "food pantries" are the only legit place to put disposable income, this whole site, its ethos, and a million retailers would be closed down overnight.

Dogs (all pets) prolong human life, improve human health, and are living beings who surely deserve the occasional bit of fuss?

It's No Joke: Bowser Beer = Beer for Dogs!
6/26/12 01:25 PM

Hoonuit wrote:

"I don't have the energy to read all 250 comments to see if anyone else has already said this, and I'm hoping that someone at AT actually reads all the comments (sorry interns), but I what I really dislike are posts like these. I hope that AT does not continue posting them on a regular basis. They're filled with such contempt for others and snobbery, and it really turns me off."


This is the kind of thing that's a fun conversation with < 6 friends who all like each other, but in a place like this turns into a negative hatefest immediately.

The internet is not short of a*holes telling everyone else they're wrong. Number of comments doesn't mean "ooh, popular thread" either - anymore than multiple dog pee stains means a lamp-post is "popular."

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/26/12 12:48 PM

I like that, always feel like a part of me gets left behind when I move... maybe this will bridge the gap next time!

How To Make Google Map
Souvenir Pillows Spoonflower

6/26/12 12:42 PM

To me, they look as suffocated as the dead chick in the movie Goldfinger... so, sorry but passing on this one.

10 Pretty Painted Pianos
6/26/12 12:36 PM

Cheap commercial hair bleach, like L'Oreal Pre-Lightener, will stick and cling to tiles and remove the kinds of gunk you'd think you need to get industrial for... source of experience, removing grey body-detritus from shared bathroom 9 years ago...

How To Fix Up Bad Tile in Rental Bathroom? Good Questions
6/26/12 12:31 PM

That looks very good to my eyes, favourites are the cabinets built in below the fireplace mantle in the living room, and the mirror hanging in the window on MBath03.jpg - both of which I am totally stealing as ideas when I can!

Michelle's Traditional + Fashion Forward House Tour
6/26/12 12:28 PM