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I found a terrarium kit that comes with everything you need (including plants) to build in any container you already have or one you buy. I used a vintage jar I had on hand. I got to pick my plants that came with my kit (funny that I picked out colorful plants that matched my decor). Go to WWW.ENVIROCAKES.COM- they have some cool stuff!

Terrariums: Tiny Indoor Gardens Make a Big Statement
6/26/12 09:23 AM

You can get some awesome plants for your terrarium at WWW.ENVIROCAKES.COM. I just built mine using a vintage jar. Looks great!

Modern Terrariums
6/26/12 09:13 AM

A great source for terrarium plants is WWW.ENVIROCAKES.COM. They offer a 6 or 10 pack and you even get to pick which plant varieties you want. I was concerned about how they might look once they got to me but they were in really good condition. I bought a container from HomeGoods and my terrarium looks amazing and is really thriving. Very fun project!!

25 Terrariums To Try, Buy & DIY
6/26/12 09:08 AM