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thanks for shifting the focus away from meat-make-ahead-meals! these look delicious and healthy.

15 Vegetarian Freezer Meals for Easy Weeknight Dinners Recipes from The Kitchn
6/24/14 12:11 AM

confession: i love reading about household irganisation and cleaning and stuff like this! it's so aspirational - domestic bliss, here is come :-) thanks for all thesuper links, and pretty pictures.

10 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen Less Often, and Enjoy It Way More
6/24/14 12:01 AM

a wonderful post. i love the eggs i get from my mothers chickens; the difference between them all is what makes them beautiful. and it matters not if they aren't the same size; i know enough about cooking how to adapt a recipe say for three large eggs to six small bantam eggs.
i too love ugly tomatoes for this reason - i believe the more gnarled and misshapen they are, the better they taste! because - they are probably homegrown.

Wonky, Irregular and Lopsided Weekend Meditation
4/13/14 10:09 PM

thank you for a gret post that couldn't come at a better time! i've been reading posts here about the cookign cure and meal planning and gettign all excited, pulling my recipes out... then thinking, most nights after work, i don't want to follow a recipe, and i make a pretty darn good dinner without one! it might not be blogworthy but it feeds me! so thanks for letting me off the hook a little.

Weekend Meditation: It Doesn't Always Have to be Fabulous Weekend Meditation
3/30/14 11:14 PM

can i come to jordan's place for dinner? yum!

15 Dinners You Can Make in 30 Minutes Quick Dinners from The Kitchn
3/18/14 12:15 AM

a friend recently moved from australia to london and i asked how she was going to pack, decide what to take? she was only taking what she really loved. it's made me do some great wardrobe sorting by asking "if i was moving overseas with only one suitcase, what do i really really love so much that i'd want to drag it halfway around the world with me?".
i also remember seeing advice when assessing clothing: "would you buy this AGAIN?" that's another good 'test of time' question and sorts the fleeting trends form the stayers. i'm surprised that i never see this advice more often.

Closet Cleanout: Our Best Reader Tips Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/4/14 05:08 PM

goodness! who knew! i would roast some tomatoes and serve with some home-made pesto (it's summer time here in hobart!).

Recipe: Savory Parmesan French Toast Recipes from The Kitchn
2/20/14 06:22 PM

the baskets look great but i agree, might be a paint to retrieve things, even on an irregular basis (where's the ladder to get up to the baskets? what if something topples on you?).
i'd use the space instead as a decorative gallery - lovely bowls, platters or other vessels that you rarely use but like to look at, and give your kitchen character. store the things you need in the cupboards. or get rid of them, if they are that rarely used.

Rental Kitchen Solutions: Big Baskets Kitchen Spotlight
1/27/14 11:09 PM

it's summer here in hobart so at the moment i am almost drownign in fresh, homegrown vegies. so eating MORE is not the problem (and as a real vegie lover, it never is), eating them all up is!
i recently started pre-preparing most of my veg, and then storing them in clear containers that can be stacked and labelled. this makes seeing what i have at a glance much easier. the containers keep things fresh for about a week or two (i'm surprised!) and stop produce getting squashed.
but i keep it on the bottom shelves where it is cooler, and keep leftovers and other things with a shorter shelf life at eye level so i can't forget them.
the other biggie that works is keeping a fairly minimal fridge so i can see everything - and then use it! nothing pushed hidden to the back.
interesting comments from everyone!

Teach Yourself to Eat More Vegetables By Reorganizing Your Fridge
1/20/14 05:27 PM

looks nice, but not very practical. it probably clutters the space more and just gets in the way on the journey between the kitchen and the dining table. it seems more decorative than useful.

A Minimal Raw Edge Wood and Iron Island Kitchen Spotlight
1/15/14 11:45 PM

SIGH... thought i think i love the yellow casserle pot more than the organisation :-)

Before & After: A Better Way to Organize Pots and Pans in the Cupboard
1/15/14 11:30 PM

hard, hard gingerbread cookies, cut into shapes, the kind that are meant for hanging / decoration (but are great for dunking in tea). because they are hard they don't break; they last for weeks; and they are light - good for postage (can be sent in a pretty box or tin, also lightweight). the recipe i use has no eggs, i'm not sure if that helps them keep well. they have been sucessful for me every year - they are now my go to!

Which Edible Gifts Are Best for Mailing? Good Questions
12/5/13 10:14 PM

i would love the disco dots for myself!

10 Gorgeous Tea Towels and Table Linens Holiday Gift Guide from The Kitchn
12/1/13 11:12 PM

we don't do thanksgiving in australia - so i did a test run of the christmas cookies i will be baking for close friends. recipe worked - yay!
happy thanksgiving to you all.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of November 23-24, 2013
11/24/13 07:48 PM

i agree with some of your other readers! i have a food blog and photography is not my forte (my writing is, i hope!) but i hope i would never put pics like this up.
i agree most strongly with dana - this is so bad, it's really suspicious that it comes from martha. do you think someone hacked her account ??

Martha Stewart Takes Unappealing Food Photos Just Like Everyone Else
11/24/13 07:45 PM

i adore reading nigel slater's books. whether or not i make his recipes is besides the point; his writing is a joy. i mean look at that phrase about stews, letting the ingredients 'gather their thoughts'! as someone who likes writing about food, i can only dream of coming close to his wondrous way with (food) words.
his kitchen diaries are wonderful ambles through how someone eats and cooks and approaches food in a very real and honest way. nigel is the opposite of a showy tv chef like jamie and nigella (as much as i enjoy them): he is thoughtful and 'normal', writing about leftovers and simple suppers for example, in such a way that when you stand back you think, someone wrote about that? but he does, and he bighlights the way most normal peopel cook and eat - or at least should.
sigh. can you tell i love the man?

Nigel Slater's (Short and Charming) 5 Essentials for the Home Cook Expert Essentials
11/13/13 09:06 PM

apart from the chic grey palette, what really makes this small space inspired are two things: the lack of clutter (not everything is out!) and the vibrant fresh flowers. they really bring the kitchen to life.

A Brilliantly Compact Kitchen in Toronto Kitchen Spotlight
10/28/13 11:51 PM

what a delicious sauce! could be adapted for so many vegies.

Recipe: Pan-Roasted Cauliflower & Pasta with Tomato-Cream Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
10/2/13 08:45 PM

what a delicious sauce! could be adapted for so many vegies.

Recipe: Pan-Roasted Cauliflower & Pasta with Tomato-Cream Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
10/2/13 08:44 PM

i love roasted cauliflower but have never cut it into this slab shape.
cauliflower definitely needs more love!

Recipe: Cauliflower Steaks with Ginger, Turmeric, and Cumin Recipes from The Kitchn
10/2/13 07:58 PM