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!!!! Have fun with your unique bathroom. I personally love these fun thirties bathrooms, and would wait until I could restore it with a period sink and paint it with a complementing colour. Maybe add 30's purple porcelain fixtures. There are lots of good resources for vintage bathroom fixtures, esp coloured ones.

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9/13/13 08:14 AM

Wow! This reminds me of those things with all of the needle things that you put your hand on.

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2/22/13 03:01 PM

I love this, completely. My favorite is diana vreelands red floral room.

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2/14/13 05:13 PM

I sometimes hard boil an egg and put it in an avocado half! Such an unexpectedly good combo.

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2/8/13 01:08 PM

Even Carrie Bradshaw's closet was not this big! In my house I have a little alcove room off of my bedroom and it is now my dressing room. Can't live without one now!

Real-Life Inspiration: Converting a Bedroom Into a Dressing Room
2/7/13 11:23 AM

This could have not been posted at a better time. My boyfriend just brought boxes and boxes of his records home and I have been scouring apartment therapy for a post. :)

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1/8/13 09:46 AM

House tour heaven! They have impeccable taste and a beautiful home. I am seriously envying that pantry with the glass door.

Chay's Lake Hollywood Spanish Hideaway House Tour
1/4/13 09:28 AM

Two eggs over easy and coffee. Make the bed.

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1/4/13 09:25 AM

They should preserve it. Supposedly, they are trying to sell again. But if they don't the Landmark preservation laws only protect the property for ONE year until the owners can do what they want with it. I agree, why would they not just buy a vacant lot? I pray that the place sells to someone who loves and cares for it. It is a beauty.

Should Preservationists Have a Say in What You Can Do with Your Home?
10/29/12 12:05 PM

With landmark status homes, you have to get approval from the LPC for everything you do to the facade.

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10/19/12 12:18 PM

Beautiful rooms! But I think I might go insane in an ALL orange or ALL red room, so I like how the first photo has the color on just an accent wall. Not crazy about no.8 and no.9 the colors look like organ meat.

10 Welcoming Warm Rooms from Last Year's Room for Color
9/26/12 05:07 PM

Thank you for all of your advice, you have been very helpful! I am not adding a story to my home to make this bathroom possible, I have a back small mudroom type thing that was added to the house a long time ago, we were going to tear that down and create another back addition that would go one story higher. I have been shopping around for a good licensed contractor, but if you can recommend any in the NYC area who do a good job, please tell. The tub is in perfect condition on the inside save for some slight stains (no rust) and came with fixtures, also we will just sand the outside (with our masks on) and repaint it. I love the look of old fixtures and am excited to design my own bathroom! Thank you, and wish me luck!

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9/5/12 09:54 PM

Take up that carpet immediately and see what is under there. If it is weird linoleum it is preferable to a carpeted kitchen!! If there is wood under there that is in good shape, paint it. If there is linoleum, think of painting it with durable floor paint in a pattern or solid or laying new b/w check linoleum over it. If I were you, I would keep your drawers and cabinets but make repairs where and when needed, sand and fill in chips, paint them, and give them new hardware!

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8/17/12 05:26 PM

A cesca chair with broken caning. A hatbox with two hats in it. A bookcase full of books dating back to the thirties.

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8/16/12 08:00 AM

I had a roommate that was rarely home when I was, and would always clean up after me and my boyfriend in all the common areas (we weren't that messy, even).. I felt bad, but he seemed to be more than happy to do it. He also gave us a kitten named Phoebe! In my opinion, the best roommate is one that is never around.

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8/9/12 07:01 PM

I made kale pesto today!

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7/24/12 06:27 PM

Is this laminate wood or the real thing? If it is laminate, Its hard to tell in photos, but it would be more understandable why you disliked it so. I have laminate parquet all through the parlor floor of my house, which I am dying to get rid of. But since you are renting, I would deal with it for now, or find a cute area rug you can throw over it.

Budget Solution for Parquet-Style Flooring? Good Questions
6/25/12 09:09 AM