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I love your style - its a real home with a real person living in it. AND - I love the decor!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #7: mskittylitter's 1950's Inspiration
10/6/08 07:57 AM

I love reading comments section, especially with an article like this one. my house? messy but clean. company = inspiration to tidy up. there's a difference between clean and tidy. we are a creative family who all like visual stimulation - we need to see things to operate effectively. Its the differences that make the world go 'round - and as I said to a friend recently - you are always welcome over - you may have to shift a pile of something to sit down and the coffee is DIY - but my house is always open. as it should be, it is.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | It's a Home not a Museum
10/5/08 07:38 PM

Hi! I'am adding more! I lived alone, and then with my husband and 12 month old son in my first place - 49sqm = 528 sq ft. And we did it well! And I am a clutterbug. I completely understand the request to showcase "normal" sized family homes and how to incoporate better living practices...... maybe there is a site out there precisely for that? People, we have a right to demand what we want when we are forking out 30 years of repayment, and yes there is often a financial factor involved when building your home or buying an older home where value for money is often reflected in size but has anyone ever thought about why they need more? We calculated and priced up an extension to our current home = AUD $50,000. Not bad in this climate. And then it hit us, we were willing to pay a small fortune simply to house our extra "stuff" .... extra lounge, foldout bed, second tv.... toy room area........... get my drift? Instead, I got to work and pared right back..... I love that these sites allow a person to look at the other side of the coin. It costs nothing to aspire, to imagine and to dream. Keep up the work AT - love your site.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Dwell Reader on Small HomesDwell: June 2008
6/19/08 01:54 AM

Hello! I think the US, like Australia has had the luxury of space for far too long. And change - downsizing - is rarely welcomed by some. We live in a [tiny by current standards] 119sqm = 1281sq ft 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house built in the 1970's. And it is awesome. We have included in that space a separate living (bedroom/lounge/bathroom/toilet) quarters and second kitchen. We have two sons 3 and 7 with their own rooms, and my husband and I both have our own studios. Prior to each having a studio we had a tenant in the granny flat with a partner too! There has actually been comment in the news that society and community breakdown starts by seemingly inconsequential things such as upsizing your home and having separate lounge rooms/bathrooms/toilets...- people no longer learn to respect that there are others who need the very space you are occupying, etc etc. Honestly! I love our space, I love that we have or own private rooms and yet commune together in the lounge and eat meals together.... I hope this tradition continues!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Dwell Reader on Small HomesDwell: June 2008
6/17/08 02:57 AM