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I have this marble slide-top double-well salt cellar. Love it. Pretty, and can be operated one-handed. Also, stands up well to living on the cooktop and the constant cleaning that it needs.
If you google search (shopping tab) look for marble salt box and you'll find the whole line.

Stylish & Simple Storage: Salt Cellars
12/7/11 07:38 PM

I have this marble slide-top double-well salt cellar. Love it. Pretty, and can be operated one-handed. Also, stands up well to living on the cooktop and the constant cleaning that it needs.
If you google search (shopping tab) look for marble salt box and you'll find the whole line.

Stylish & Simple Storage: Salt Cellars
12/7/11 07:31 PM

About 4 years ago in the Midwest, Trader Joe's had this lovely flax pasta that I just adored. Now that I'm living in the DC area, it can't be found anywhere, let alone Trader Joe's. In fact, they say they never even got it out here. Anyone have some tips?

Alternative Pastas: Which One is Healthiest?
10/11/11 11:22 PM

@sherryBinNH I immediately thought of the glass trap /fishing floats. Not all glass balls are Witch balls, nor are they all floats. Witch balls will have an attached glass loop to put string through to hang. Floats will be smooth or have a flattened nub on one end, and no loop, as they were encapsulated in a simple macrame-style rope net to attach to the traps/lines.

Witch Balls: Spooky & Beautiful Laborers' Love
10/4/11 06:27 PM

if it is squirrels (or other four-legged critters) they might be after water. It may not be an option to you, but a filled birdbath (with or without pedestal) not only gives songbirds a place to drink, but also the squirrels-- and they will likely leave your tomatoes alone... as they did mine.

Help! What Do I Do About a Tomato Thief?
Good Questions

8/30/11 11:10 PM

We require ridiculous things of our teachers, don't we?
Make sure he's getting enough water. Chances are he isn't allowed to drink -let alone eat!-anything in or between classes (in front of students) and will be perpetually dehydrated. With this in mind, I heartily suggest soups, yogurts, and crisp cut veggies/fruit.
Best of luck. More than a few of my friends are in this very situation.

Good Lunches to Eat Standing Up?
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8/27/11 03:16 AM

I'm a DC resident and adore Trohv in Takoma.
@pippigirl Their prices are fair.... good quality and designey-things aren't cheap. This isn't Ikea... but it sure isn't Christies, either.

Trohv: A Collection of Artful Objects Discovered or Found
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8/4/11 10:29 PM

How I miss Soulard!
I live in DC now, and I describe it "if Eastern Market and Takoma Park Farmer's Market Merged... under a roof!"

Soulard Market: A Historic St. Louis Site
Farmer's Market Report

5/16/11 02:52 AM

You either want to seal it up real tight or get rid of it. Something like what is pictured above would be just asking for black mold...

How To Disguise Acoustic Tile Drop Ceiling?
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3/23/11 06:10 PM

In the first image both the ugly chair and the lovely flat-file drawers are from Ikea. Yes, Ikea did sell the "jeans" version of that chair.

Project Ideas for Old Clothes

2/25/11 06:15 PM

I have a better suggestion. Pierce the white's (NOT the yolk's) membrane with a sharp fork tine right after placing the egg in the hot pan. Tilt the pan so that the white escapes the membrane and spreads around the edge. This is much like how you would tilt the pan to spread butter or *ahem* bacon grease around the pan. Note: his cooks much faster and more evenly without the mess of basting or flipping, and without cooking the yellow too much as you would with a lid. TaDa!

Perfect Fried Eggs: Getting the Whites to Set
2/14/11 10:20 PM

Odd question... I am in love with the handles on the pan pictured in the main image here. Can anyone identify the maker or even better, a source of these pans?
The same line of cast iron pans has made an appearance on the cover of Martha Stewart Living in the Jan 2011 cover, and with the Eggplant Parmigiana on pg 74. Help!

Not Your Mother's® Casseroles by Faith Durand
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1/29/11 06:14 PM

The winged statue has a mate in Cassily's City Museum; it used to be climbable...

Tim's "Old Boot" of a Carriage House
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1/12/11 12:39 PM

Bee T, thank you!
I will look into them!

Moving 101: Top 10 Lessons Learned Tips that Worked | Apartment Therapy DC
6/20/10 04:35 PM

Anyone in the DC area know of a company that rents out plastic shipping crates like ?
I have an upcoming local move, and really don't want to collect cardboard boxes, and I fear renting cardboard ones. (Bed bugs, anyone?)
Also, another recommendation for good movers (load truck, drive truck, unload truck) would be appreciated. Earlier grafxnerd said Tri-state did a complicated move in 3 hours, but, of course, I'd like more options.

Moving 101: Top 10 Lessons Learned Tips that Worked | Apartment Therapy DC
6/20/10 12:32 PM

Uck. I lived in STL for 5 years, and am glad I no longer have to go through "Is this made with provel? Could I please have mozzarella or even Parmesan instead? No? You don't have any other cheese in house? Then no 'cheese' please." every single time I ordered a salad, breadstick, pasta salad, or pizza.

I am a cheese lover, and the unnatural Pasturised Processed Cheese Product that is provel turns my stomach as it sticks to my teeth. The very first time I had Imo's, I wondered how or why someone would put white colored Velveeta onto a pizza. Did they run out of real cheese? Why didn't they have the courtesy to warn me?

You need to go to South Grand for good Italian. Mangia Italiano is an absolute gem. They even make their own pasta and ice creams! ( ) Most of the stuff on the Hill, aside from Cunetto, has become way too StLouisified.
Fortel's does a decent STL style pizza sans provel, and might be worth checking out.

*disclaimer: I'm married to a native St Louisan!)

Provel Cheese: A Taste Of Missouri | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/16/10 06:52 PM

I have the Chocolate on Fern DC poster. It gets so many "Oooooo!" comments

Where Can I Find This LA Print Poster? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/2/10 11:19 PM

With the renewed interest in succulents, this is a very important tip:
use only sand/true dirt soil for potting succulents. The many potting soils that can be found everywhere almost entirely made of peat moss and will poison your plant!

Get some dirt out of the back yard, buy 'pure topsoil' or buy bonsai soil--just make sure it is sandy and grainy. Even better, go to a local specialty shop, and ask them for peat-free potting soil. It will make a huge difference!

How To Re-Pot Your House Plants Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/4/10 07:10 PM

Wow... no one has mentioned copper fry pans yet? Tinned copper is amazing! (And unless you are cooking with no fat/oil at *all*, these will outperform anything else.)

For the frypans, pick up one cast iron (9-10 inch) and at least one similarly sized solid Copper pan. You will develop a preference for using them in different situations. If you are balking at the cost, stop looking at Williams-Sonoma and seek elsewhere. Local kitchen shops, online retailers, and even TJmaxx-ish stores occasionally carry them. Don't be fooled by stainless steel clad in copper--it isn't the same thing. Go for iron handles and not brass when you get the choice... the brass can get too hot for your hands and even hotpads! Also, you want the copper to be semi-thick. Think the thickness of a quarter as the minimum for quality. Don't waste your money on anything thinner than a penny. These are also great to pick up secondhand... even if you find ones that are scratched and gouged, you can get these re-tinned easily. (in Philly you should have quite a few options) Also good to look out for secondhand is the magical vintage cast iron frypan. They used to be made with a smooth-milled interior finish which I prefer to the pockmarked modern Lodge. These vintage ones will likely be branded WagnerWare or Griswold.

For the stockpot, get whatever you want... it doesn't need to be nonstick. The 15 buck thin steel stockpot from the ethnic grocer around the corner should handle all sorts of things, and if it won't do what you need, move on to the much more expensive Le Creuset/Staub enameled French ovens. You either cook at lower temperatures (non-burning of the thin steel) or you don't.
Best of luck!

What Are The Best Alternatives to Nonstick Cookware? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/31/09 04:31 PM

That light would have to be an LED or fluorescent. otherwise the heat (especially from halogen) would literally cook even the hardiest plant.

Polaroid Flower Vase by Jung Hwa Jin | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/17/09 10:48 PM